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Top 10 Best Stand Up Comedians on Netflix

It wouldn’t be wrong at all to say that Netflix has become a breeding ground for stand up comedians. Netflix’s Stand Up Comedy Special acts as a refuge for viewers who want to take a break from the seasons like Stranger Things, House of Cards and likes of them. Streaming platform offers a whole lot of comedy programs

Consequently, viewers get to enjoy the state of the art stand up comedy performances by acclaimed artists, who beautifully pull off the subject matters that sound relatable.

Before you check for the top 10 best comedy movies of 2017, here is a list of the ten best stand up comedians on Netflix that make a person claim his fair share of laughter from the life. The following list of stand up comedians doesn’t intend to rank the stars; instead, it suggests few worth watching comedies on the streaming portal.

Aziz Ansari- Live at Madison Square

One of the most versatile comedians, whose comments in a way that seems more than relatable to your life. The Master of None star who has won many accolades knows the art of connecting with the audience. The Golden Globes Award winner’s jubilant and vibrant on-stage performances, can’t make the people resist to overwhelming applause.

(Credits: Netflix)

Tracy Morgan- Staying Alive

Tracy Morgan who also earned an Emmy nomination for Saturday Night Live knows the art of pulling out the strings of hearts to create a perfect symphony of joy for his audience. The actor remained out of the scene for his fatal accident that pushed him into the coma. Morgan now beautifully uses his near-death experience to create a comedy that makes the people laugh out loud. Just check, his following clip from Staying Alive.

(Credits: Netflix)

Sarah Silverman- A Speck of Dust

Sarah Silverman deserves a special mention in the list of best stand up comedians on Netflix. The girl utilizes a mix of confidence, sarcasm, and style to carve out a perfect niche for herself. She may not tell the joke, like contemporary comedians, but the way she pulls off her uniqueness is enough to make the audience to count on valuable takeaways from her show.


Dave Chappelle- The Age of Spin

Dave Chappelle is also one of the controversial stand up comedians for his sloppy opinions on LGBT community. But, his shows The Age of Spin and Deep in the Heart of Texas are a must watch for comedy lovers. A good thing about Chappelle is he not only offers a laughing material but also provides good food for thought.

(Credits: Netflix)

Jen Kirkman- Just Keep Living

Jen Kirkman’s I’m Gonna Die Alone is much like the Tracy Morgan’s Staying Alive. The girl writer and comedian tells the story of her single life and post-divorced experience in an entertaining manner.

Talking about relationships and breakups has remained a common subject matter for comedians. But, Jen Kirkman just not comes up with made-up stories. She has got the truth to tell that too in a funny manner.

(Credits: Netflix)

Ali Wong- Baby Cobra

Here comes another woman’s courage to let the people laugh at the expense of her personal life. Ali Wong’s Baby Cobra came in the time when she was near to give birth to a baby. The comedian usually hits the subjects like feminism, racial discrimination, and married life.

(Credits: Netflix)

John Mulaney- The Comeback Kid

John Mulaney never fails in coming up to the expectations of the audience. The actor is a former Saturday Night Live writer and tells the jokes that are not for the sake of laughs only. His comedy special- The Comeback Kid, is something that every person can relate to at one point or other in life.

(Credits: Netflix)

Neal Brennan- One of the Evolutionary Stand Up Comedians

If, stand up comedy ever saw the next level, then it wouldn’t be without contributions from the Neal Brennan. His comedy special- 3 Mics makes him one of the best stand up comedians on Netflix. The actor tells how he used the art of telling the joke to escape the depression and self-esteem.

(Credits: Netflix)

Roy Wood Jr. – Father Figure

Roy Wood Jr.’s Father Figure on Netflix’s comedy central is a worth watch. The actor’s jokes-cum useful punch lines exploit the words that enhance the taste of speech.

(Credits: Comedy Central)

Maria Bamford- Old Baby

Maria Bamford’s Old Baby shows that what you think is funny can be funny for others too, provided you have an art of telling it to others. Her hilarious jokes make a good relief for mind, after a hectic day.

(Credits: Netflix)

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