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2018’s Final Solar Eclipse Will Happen Today

Third and final solar eclipse of 2018 will be observed today; however, it can not be viewed from Pakistan.

Today’s Eclipse

According to Pakistan’s time, the last solar eclipse will start at 01:02 pm PST and end at 04:21 pm PST.

This last solar eclipse will be observed in many countries but unluckily not Pakistan. However, it will be observable in most of Asia, northern Europe as well as in some parts of North America. It should also be noticed that this eclipse is partial eclipse of Sun, meaning; incomplete neither full nor half. Only a small portion of the sun will be visible or hidden when the moon will pass between sun and earth this time. It might not be that glorious total solar eclipse that amused millions the previous year. On the other hand, it is quite likely that the expected audience observing this last solar eclipse will be significantly smaller.

What is an Eclipse?

An eclipse is an astronomical phenomenon, an episode that occurs when an astronomical object is momentarily hidden, either by moving into the shade of another celestial body or by having another planetary body progress between it and the observer.

The expression eclipse is generally used to describe either a solar eclipse or lunar eclipse.

While rotating around the Earth sometimes the moon comes between the Sun and Earth. When this happens, the moon obstructs the light of the sun from outreaching Earth which causes an eclipse of the sun, or solar eclipse. During a solar eclipse, the moon tosses a shadow on Earth.

As the moon rotates around Earth, the Earth orbits the sun. Sometimes when Earth comes between the sun and the moon, it conceals the sunlight that is mirrored by the moon making Earth falling its shadow on it. It is an eclipse of the moon or a lunar eclipse. A lunar eclipse can happen only if there is a full moon.

Eclipses that occurred this year

Before this, two lunar eclipses and two solar eclipses have been witnessed in Pakistan in 2018.

First Lunar eclipse occurred on 31 January, 2018 while second lunar eclipse took place on 27 July, 2018. 31st January’s lunar eclipse was a total lunar eclipse also called supermoon which furthermore happens to be a bluemoon(the second full moon of the calendar), its totality lasted for 1 min 16 sec and partiality lasted for 3 mins 22 sec. However, 27th July’s lunar eclipse was the longest lunar eclipse to occur in the 21st century, and the totality of the eclipse lasted for one hour and 43 minutes hours and the partiality remained for four hours.

First solar eclipse of the year occurred on 15 Feb, 2018 and the second happened on 13 July, 2018 and now the third on 11 August, 2018. 15 Feb’s solar eclipse was an incomplete eclipse having a magnitude of 0.59. The nature of the second solar eclipse was also partial with a magnitude of 0.33. And this last solar eclipse is also going to be partial with a magnitude of 0.73.

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