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2020 US Election Results- Celebrities Delighted Over Joe Biden’s Win

Joe Biden won the US presidential election with 290 electoral votes while Donald Trump could not cross 214. It was a celebration in America as well as the rest of the world that also rejoiced at the 2020 US election results. It might be true that people have been much happier about Trump’s loss, than Biden’s win. Several reactions from the celebrities suggest that they share same feelings as the general public.

2020 US Election Results Came Like A Good News for the World

Results were finally out on Saturday 7th November but people kept the party going over the weekend to show how historic these elections have been. There was great tension among the US citizens, when the counting suddenly stopped in some states.

Westworld’s Jeffery Wright, who was a strong advocate of Trump-less America stated that the cloud has finally lifted from the inevitable results

Celebrity anchor Dan Rather surprisingly thanked the year 2020 for not being ruthless this time.

For Seth Rogen, it was time to get wasted

Miley Cyrus also showed her happiness by mixing the election results with her song “Party In the USA”.

LeBron James used a little basketball reference to show how Biden trumped Trump.

Congratulations Joe Biden And Kamala Harris

Many celebrities appreciated and congratulated the new democratic alliance which seems confident in taking the charge.

Lady Gaga emotionally sent his greeting to Biden, Harris, and every American who voted against Donald Trump.

Perhaps the new vice-president was the highlight of Saturday more than the president elect. There have been 48 vice presidents in the history of US and all of them have been white males. It was a proud and hopeful moment for citizens to witness a first female vice president who also happened to be multi-racial (African-American-Indian)

Previously, female vice president was an element in films only. Julia Louis-Dreyfus (Seinfeld) shared her happiness that it is now reality 

Even Biden’s wife made history by becoming the first ever Italian-American First Lady of The United States

What Will Happen To Trump Now

According to reports, Donald Trump will officially vacate the white house in January 2021. However, nobody really cared about what was Trump doing as they were having a time of their life with fun and memes on the internet.

Now it was time to discuss the future of American affairs, their hostile relationships with other countries, threats against several ethnic groups, and horrendous COVID-19 strategies.

Indian-American comedian, Kumail Nanjiani stated that it was crucial to fix the damage done but it was also important to revel in the situation

Some of them could not Trump’s constant denial to accept the outcome of 2020 US elections. He was behaving so irregularly before losing the elections that even third world countries were trolling him.

In hopes to repair the country from questionable leadership and achieving some sort of international credibility, Trump would have to stay 100-miles away from political affairs.

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