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5 Best Virtual Machine Programs

Many users wonder if it is possible to run Windows on a Mac PC or not. And, very often, they think that such a parallel running of two operating system is not possible. Well, now we have best virtual machine programs that allow running of one OS on other, with a host-guest combination. Such an arrangement inevitably facilitates the programmers who test the compatibility of applications for different OS. But at the same time, it also benefits the ordinary users who want to leverage the features of multiple operating systems.

Let’s have a look at what are top solutions for users that allow them to parallel utilization of the operating system.

5 Best Virtual Machine Programs

The list of best virtual machine programs is not for professionals but also includes the software that can benefit even ordinary users. These machines are not an example of virtual reality or augmented reality; instead, they are more like a tech tool that helps in experimenting with dynamic operating systems in a virtual environment on a single hardware arrangement.


  1. VirtualBox

VirtualBox is a user-friendly virtual machine program which has easy to use features. It can run the Linux, Solaris, and Windows on a host program. It allows the privilege to host operating system for sharing files and drives.

For running of virtual box, specifications required depending upon the host as well as guest OS. Usually, a more than 2GB RAM with 30 GB of hard disk is needed.

  1. QEMU

QEMU (Quick Emulator) is another best virtual machine program for its quick customizability. It is the perfect software for Linux users and runs without any admin privilege. QEMU is a lucrative choice for developers also because it is portable as it can fit on the flash drive. Further, it can directly execute the guest code on host operating system.

  1. Parallels Desktop

Parallels Desktop is popular for Mac. But it also has versions that support Linux and Windows as well. This virtual machine program is optimized for AMD and Intel Chips. Due to this reason, Parallels Desktop connects to its host machine through a direct link. Such a feature enables the host machines processors to switch on virtual machine program automatically. Therefore, users find it easy to manage their simulations or emulations.

Parallels Desktop for Mac users comes up with 30 tech tools that help in simplifying the tasks. It can easily install Windows on a Mac PC, and it is also optimized for the Windows 10.

A plus point of Parallels Desktop is that it doesn’t require rebooting for installation of the guest operating system. Further, it allows multiple testing. Hence, it is the best virtual program machine for the ease of flexibility it offers.

Now it is easy for users to have a MacBook air as Apple has announced a cheaper version. But, the virtual software is more like a need for developers, as they require them despite having separate devices for all the operating systems.

  1. Windows Virtual PC

This virtual machine software is an ultimate choice for any developer who is obsessed with Windows. It allows hosting of different window versions, helping users to test and make easy comparisons.


This is the best virtual machine program for testing the compatibility of Windows optimized apps. It might have the limitation of not covering other operating systems, but its specification makes it stand out for the particular users. Apart from Window Virtual Pc, the machine also comes us Virtual PC 2007 and Virtual PC 2004.

  1. VMware Fusion

VMware Fusion is the product of developers who introduced the VMware Workstation. This version of virtual machine program is free and more appropriate for customized use. An attractive feature of VMware fusion is that it offers a native experience of using Windows on a Mac operating system with the help of Unity mode.

A part of this VMware fusion doesn’t require rebooting the device for running the guest operating system which is usually Windows to a Mac. These features are equally available in free and app versions.

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