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Everything to Know About 5 Most Searched Shows on Google in 2021

2021 has been quite an entertaining year since people had a lot to watch on OTT platforms. Among the entertainment pieces, 5 most searched shows on google had quite an impact on people. Many loved these shows because of several reasons. Also, there might be other aspects of these five masterpieces that made millions of people choose them.   

5 Most Searched Shows on Google

The 5 most searched shows on google include Bridgeton, Wanda Vision, Cobra Kai, Squid Game, and Loki. As per reports, the uniqueness of these shows’ plots, the actors’ roles, and the popularity because of the movies associated with them made the shows successful in terms of reputation and revenue.


Bridgeton is an American tv series inspired by the bestselling novels of Julia Quinn, an author of romance novels. It was released in December 2020 with a unique and interesting genre. The show has attracted all the period genre lovers since it is based on Regency romance. The series revolves around eight siblings of the Bridgeton family who search for true love, peace, and happiness in the London high society. The most attractive things about the show are its cast and the setting that reveals the aesthetics of older times. Other than that, its unique twists and turns during the journey of charters towards finding love make it a masterpiece.

Cobra Kai

The series Cobra Kai is among the Most Searched Shows on Google for a particular reason. Firstly, the comic action category is itself an impressive genre that made people search it a lot in 2021. Other than that, the tv show is a sequel to the 1984 movie, the Karate Kid. The plot is about the rivalry between Johnny and Daniel from the movie. Cobra Kai has been among the top Netflix series too.

Wanda Vision

Wanda Vision is believed to be the US’s most demanded series. The reason is its cohesion with marvel’s Avengers movie and the late actor Chadwick Boseman. According to social media users and other platforms that give reviews, Wanda Vision is an important series to watch to know about the imminent new characters of the marvel cinematic universe.  Also, it revives the spirit of the black panther, and thus the lovers of the Black Panther movie look forward to watching it to a great extent.


The series Loki is the hallmark of entertainment which is why it is among the most searched shows on google. The one prominent reason people love Loki is that it is set in the period after the Avengers Endgame. Loki sees an opportunity to leave his brother Thor’s shadow and set a benchmark of his doings. The season unfolds events quickly while keeping the suspense and excitement Intact.

Squid Game

Recently, the Squid game became the number one show of Netflix, ranking 1st in the top 10. No wonder the Korean show was among the most searched shows on Google. The plot of the series was about hundreds of people desperate to get money. They get invited to play a set of kids’ games. But the rule breakers or losers would die, and the winner would bring billions of dollars. The story was inspiring enough that the squid game started to make people learn Korean Language. Most importantly, people watched in multiple languages across the world.

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