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5 Netflix Games Available and Ready to Play on Platform

One of the most popular and widely used streaming platforms, Netflix has stepped into an innovation. The users will become gamers since Netflix games are now out for Android users. However, the iOS users are still in line since the platform is working on the testing of such games. The streaming platform made it easy for the users that every individual with a subscription can play the games for free without being worried about ads popping up. However, the platform said, the games won’t be available on kids’ profiles.

5 Netflix Games

Netflix has been known for the movies and series hub but this scenario has changed now since, in September, the platform bought a gaming studio for Netflix games. The streaming point said it wants to provide users the same special gaming services just like it offered them its original films and shows. Netflix vice president of game development, Mike Verdu wrote in a blog post that the games are available for all sorts of players either they are beginners or pro-gamers.

Stranger Things 3: The Game

As the name suggests, Stranger Things 3 is based on the third season of the popular Netflix original Stranger Things series. The characters are also based on the actors of the season: Eleven, Mike, Dustin, Lucas, Will, Hopper, Joyce, Jonathan, Nancy, and Billy. The plot is also the same as the season but there will be quests to make the game interesting.

Stranger Things 1994

One of the Netflix games is Stranger Things 1994 that actually looks like the old arcade videogame. This means that the game has no high-quality graphics but the gamers will play it like a regular saga game. Other than that, it seems like an adventurous masterpiece in which the players will play according to a storyline.

Card Blast

Card Blast is a colorful card game that offers over 50 puzzling levels. The platform said that game requires skills as well as luck to score high. The gamers will also use certain abilities called Boosts to get high scores in the game. The game allows the player to either choose the single-player option or battle with multiple players.

Shooting Hoops

Among all the Netflix games, Shooting Hoops actually takes the players to the time when they used to play games on Fat TV with the remote control. Although the game looks entertaining as the gamers will use a dart gun to throw the ball in the hoop. It also has levels and various Balls that the players will unlock through scoring better.

Teeter Up

Teeter is quite a known name since the android became a trend. The platform has upgraded it a bit and added it to the Netflix games under the name Teeter Up. The game is a bit tricky as it requires the presence of mind and skills to put the ball in the hole using a rod. The game has good mechanics as the players can use touch keys as well as shake the phone to move the ball. Lastly, it consists of 150 levels.

Should Users Wait for More Games?

According to Netflix, this is just the beginning and there are multiple more Netflix games to come. This might be a test run so that the platform can be sure about its expansion in the gaming world. During this crucial time of pandemic and lockdown due to covid, the users can surely rely on streaming platforms to get some entertainment in their lives. In some users’ opinion, the increased services of the platform have convinced them to consider it a good option for fun. Now they will not only wait for the upcoming Netflix series of 2021 but also videogames.

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