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5 Steps to Become an Uber Driver in the UK

Uber is facing a tough time in the UK after city councils are refusing to renew its license. After London, York has also declined to renew the private hire operator license of the company due to a massive data breach. Such ban doesn’t mean that there is no way to become an Uber driver in the UK.

The ride-hailing app is still operating in London because it has filed an appeal against the refusal of license decision in court. According to reports, there are no chances of hearing sooner than April. So, those of you who are looking towards making some money while driving in their part-time, still have a chance to do so.

They just need to fulfill following requirements to be an Uber driver.

1. Basic Eligibility Criteria

Conditions to be an Uber driver in the UK are in accordance with driving rules of the country. You must be at least 21 years old and have a full UK driving license. Keeping a vehicle is also on obvious pre-requisite. Apart from this you have to undergo the following checks.

  •    Medical Checkup: You have to go through a full medical examination from GP. All the drivers require completing this checkup.
  •    Criminal Record Check: It is commonly known as DBS and needed to check if applicant has committed any criminal offense.
  •    Map Test: This test evaluates how much an applicant knows about the areas and street where he is looking to drive. Well, such test is not more stringent than the one that other cab drivers take. An Uber driver has to take assistance from Google map.

2. Vehicle Requirement

Your vehicle must be in proper order and should not be older than 2008. Further, it should meet the requirements of the local council. If you don’t own a car, then Uber also offers assistance in the form of Vehicle Solutions program.

3. Private Hire License

Getting a private hire license can even take you 2-6 weeks, as per Uber’s website. But, it can take up to 3 to 4 months as well, reportedly. The good thing is that company also helps drivers or partners in obtaining a license. The cost of the license varies from council to council but on average; it can be up to £300.

Uber Driver

4. Insurance Liability

Well, insurance liability on drivers varies from person to person. If you have a good driving record and your vehicle is in excellent condition, then chances are high for you to get a cheap insurance. But, using your car for commercial purpose, as the case is if you are an Uber driver, can make you pay some extra pounds in term of Insurance liability.

5. Interview and Training Session with Uber

Uber also conducts a short interview with the applicants. After this, they offer a half day long training session that covers the following aspects.

  •    A training guide on map test
  •    Advice to obtain insurance
  •    Guide to getting medical and background check
  •    Explanation about process of collecting personal hire license

Keep in mind that Uber doesn’t want its workers to give employee’s rights. Although Uber has already lost its case, it maintains the argument that it acts as an agency which connects the rider and driver.

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