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Aamir Khan Boxer’s Inappropriate Video Leaked

It is not easy being a celebrity. And when you are a sports person, you need to keep up with the media. Sometimes, there are things that ordinary people get away with. But as celebrities, it is not easy to have the same kind of liberty.

The famed Pakistani origin British Boxer Amir Khan’s illicit video had been reportedly leaked to a porn site in the US. The X-rate video allegedly has Amir Khan doing a sexual act while having a conference call with the US, Arizona-based female model, using Skype.

The relationship, as reported in the media, between the two exists ever since the model met the boxer back in 2010. This video was made back in 2013 shortly after Amir Khan married to Faryal Makhdoom. These accusations have neither been confirmed nor denied by Amir Khan’s PR team.

The report also suggests that there is more than video there. There have been reports of three other Amir Khan videos of similar nature offered to the media outlets.

Amir Khan, belonging to a British Muslim family is in the limelight for all the wrong reasons recently. This incident has further exposed his private life to the media organisations. During the last few years, there are several rumours surrounding these videos. However, there was no concrete evidence if there existed any such proof against the boxer.

Amir Khan’s Personal Life in Disarray

Amir Khan’s wife Faryal Makhdoom had a feud with his family

Amir Khan’s wife Faryal Makhdoom had a feud with his family. She made this row public sharing her terrible experience living with the boxer’s family. Faryal took to Snapchat to share the domestic abuse her in-laws subjected her to. However, her mother-in-law rejected all the allegations levelled by her daughter-in-law.

A Hoax by Hamza Din was found untrue earlier

A guy named Hamza Din, claimed to have emailed Daily Mail a video which showed the then 29-year-old boxer in a hotel with a woman in Newcastle. This attempted did not yield any results, and the blackmail failed to work. Hamza Din was given a suspended suspense by the Bolton Crown Court. At the time, Hamza Din had said that the footage was 100% authentic or real. He had threatened to release the footage if he did not get any response from either Amir Khan or his team. He wanted them to pay for the video for a certain amount or matched price. It all turned out to be a hoax at that time. Only time will tell how much reality exists in the recent allegations and if they would actually have any truth in them.

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