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Aamir Liaquat Faces Criticism for Mocking Hindu God

Dr. Aamir Liaquat Hussain, representative of Pakistan Tahreek e Insaaf (PTI), the ruling party of the country offended the Hindu community. He used an edited picture of one of their goddesses in order to mock the opposition politician Maryam Nawaz from Pakistan Muslim League Noon (PMLN). Amir who is already a controversial figure in Pakistan faced huge criticism from people in Pakistan and India for hurting the sentiments of a religious group.  

How Did Dr. Aamir Liaquat Become A Culprit For India? 

Pakistan has been experiencing a politically crucial situation since the opposition, PMLN and the leading party, PTI have numerous conflicts. The representatives of both authoritative entities have been augmenting over the fair and unfair means of taking lead in elections. Specifically, Maryam Nawaz while talking to the crowd during election campaigns supposedly mentioned that the ruling government will see a different side of her. Her statement became a meme material quotation for many PTI supporters. They used it to make fun of her on multiple social media platforms. 

Dr. Aamir Laiquat also carried on with the meme flow and posted an edited picture of Maryam in which she was portrayed as a Hindu Goddess. Certain Indians witnessed this post and responded angrily. 

Amir Liaquat Going To Face Legal Actions?

A Pakistani politician and Patron-in-chief Pakistan-Hindu Council, Dr, Ramesh Vankwani, expressed his furious views regarding the scornful act by Amir Liaquat. He tweeted in order to share that a religious scholar should not be indulged in a disrespectful act against religions. Vankwani also advised Dr. Aamir to immediately remove his tweet or else he will face consequences in terms of legal punishments. Also, he might demand actions under the blasphemy act and protest if Liaquat doesn’t respond accordingly. 

In addition, several Pakistani people are also coming through with the idea of removing the tweet as they find it inappropriate and offensive to the Hindu religion. As per certain entities, Pakistani elections and individuals associated with it should not contribute mockery towards any religion. 

How Is Public Reacting? 

In the opinion of many Pakistanis, Dr. Aamir Liaquat never ceases to amaze people with his actions. Although, he took it too far this time with the ridiculous act against the Hindu community. However, where several personalities find him guilty, many think of his deed as an honest mistake. They consider him innocent since he did not intentionally offend Hindus. Although, these people do not deny that posting such a thing was not appropriate. 

Besides, the Indians who noticed this, stated that he should not spend another second and eradicate the post from social media as soon as possible.

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