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Aamir Liaquat Third Marriage Becomes Canvas for Memes

Controversial TV host Aamir Liaquat announced his third marriage with an 18-year-old girl just hours after his second wife, Tuba Anwar, filed for divorce. Tuba shared a statement on social media confirming the rumours that she and Liaquat were separated for 14 months. She recently sought Khula from the court after “there was no hope for reconciliation in sight”. Liaquat had previously denied the rumours of his separation from Tuba. Netizens have been making fun of Aamir Liaquat third marriage, with several funny memes.

Aamir Liaquat Third Marriage is with a Teenager

Social media users couldn’t help but notice the huge age gap in Aamir Liaquat third marriage. The 49-year old host marrying 18-year-old Syeda Dania Shah was bound to get some heat from the viewers. However, users still remained calm and slammed him with memes based on facts.

Sharing Video with Wife in Bed

Viewers also mocked the cringe-worthy video that started circulating after Aamir Liaquat third marriage. In the video, the couple was cosying up to each other, which made a lot of people nauseous. They couldn’t stop laughing at the face of Liaquat, who seemed unbothered by the fact that he left his wife and children in 2018, and then his second wife also left him within 4 years.

Is Marriage a Business for Liaquat?

Others were confident that Aamir Liaquat third marriage was also not a real thing. It is because they doubt that the host has any respect for this eternal relationship. They mocked him for displaying such a non-serious and insensitive attitude. To many, it seemed like Liaquat has only married again after his failed marriages just for the sake of proving something according to his twisted mind.

Taking Marriage as a Joke

Some shared a clip from his old controversial video in which he was caught using abusive language in a supposed Ramadan transmission. That time he was trying hard to pretend to be a religious figure but his plan backfired due to his own behaviour. Then after that, he adopted the persona of a dumb person and carried it forward to date just to stay relevant somehow. This Aamir Liaquat third marriage also seems like a defensive tactic to try and redeem himself from getting dumped by his second wife.

Many were sure that Tuba has left Liaquat after she changed her maiden on social media in November 2021. However, Liaquat argued that they were still together and even misbehaved with the viewers for starting the “rumours”.

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