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Young Wife of Aamir Liaquat Reveals why She Married Him

Famous Pakistani game show anchor, politician and self proclaimed scholar Aamir Liaquat’s second walima ceremony pictures are going viral on social media. PTI MNA who got married in summer of 2018 hosted his Walima after almost five months of his marriage and people thought that he has been married again.

Social Media Trolls on Aamir Liaquat Second Marriage

Folks on social media couldn’t resist trolling Aamir Liaquat’s walima pictures. The game show anchor is already famous meme material for his expressions and one liners. On the eve of General Elections 2018 he was a subject of Twitter, because people in his constituency were lamenting that they had to vote him only for Imran Khan. Such is the level of dislike for this politician plus anchor plus scholar that people couldn’t resist asking how could a pretty girl like Tuba Anwar agreed marrying her.

So a kind of jealousy was also prevalent.

Users were saying that after joining PTI marriage was the only inspiration that Khan took from Imran Khan.

Pakistan obsessed American comedian Jeremy McLellan also poked fun at those viral pictures of the ceremony.

It was impossible for folks to not compare Deepika Ranveer wedding with that of him.

Aamir Liaquat Wife on Her Choice

Aamir Liaquat’s second wife Tuba Aamir is manager current affairs at Bol Network. She was also in the team of anchor’s Ramazan show. Soon after the pictures of couple’s walima went viral on social media people started questioning Tuba’s choice for marrying a person who is notorious for his hypocrisy.

Tuba has mentioned one reason for her choice in a tweet.

It is to be noted that Aamir Liaquat is often severely criticized for mocking people on his game shows by compelling them to perform some insane stunts. Social media had slammed the anchor once he tried stuffing mangoes into mouth of an elderly citizen in the name of game shows. The question why Tuba married Aamir Liaquat was quite likely to arise given his unpopularity among youth and social media users.

And, it seems that Tuba has an answer for her important life decision if we believe a post by the popular comedy page on Facebook.

Aamir lIiaquat Wife Tuba Anwar

According to post Tuba married Aamir only because she knew about the side of Aamir which rest of the world didn’t know. So she tied knot with an already married man for his humor and how gently he treated everyone.

The post further says, “he rejected a Hollywood offer with Emma Watson because he thought it would reflect badly on his scholar image. I advise all the young girls to idolize people like Aamir.

Note: The above mentioned post is by Satirical Affairs and not a direct revelation from Tuba Anwar.

What about the first wife of Tuba’s Husband

Whom Tuba wants to or doesn’t want to marry is her personal choice. In fact, no one has right to judge her. And there might be something that both these people were giving each other no one else could have given, as she says in her tweet. But the question is shouldn’t Tuba have considered how her decision would impact Aamir Liaquat’s first wife and his kids.

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