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Who Was Abdul Hafeez Kardar- Pakistan’s First Cricket Captain

One name that will live infamously in cricket history and will never fade into the shadows in Pakistan’s cricket legacy is Abdul Hafeez Kardar (A.H Kardar). As the first-ever captain of Pakistani cricket, Abdul Hafeez Kardar credited for introducing his country as a formidable foe in cricket for the first time.

Something about Early Life of Abdul Hafeez Kardar

A.H Kardar was born in Lahore on January 17, 1925, to a well-respected and famous Kardar Arian family. He gained his early education from Islamia high school, Bhatti Gate Lahore and later went to Islamia collage railway road Lahore, Dial sing college Lahore and then to Punjab University He later joined prestigious Oxford University in London, England where he completed his education. Throughout his course of education, he continued to play cricket and develop his skills.

The Start of Kardar’s Career

Kardar’s exceptional performance brought him to the attention of district selectors. So, he got recruited first to play at the district level. After proving his mantel, he got drafted at 18yrs for North Indian team where he continued to shine. He played his first international match in 1946 against England at Lords at the age of 21. After his tour, he went to Oxford to complete his studies. While studying at Oxford Kardar got selected for university’s team. His outstanding performance gained him the name the Oxford blue. He later was inducted into the gentleman 11.

After playing county cricket in England, he came back to Pakistan in 1950 where he joined Pakistani cricket team. He became the captain in 1952 and led the team for the first time internationally in 1954 on a tour of England. Throughout his carrier he proved himself to be an excellent captain under whom the team scored to highs the likes of which have not been seen since. He took an early retirment from cricket in 1958, and many say that he didn’t achieve the rank or class he could have.

Life After Cricket

After retiring from cricket, Abdul Hafeez Kardar participated in many social and cultural activities. He was made the head of the PCB in 1970 and resigned in 1972. After that, he began his political carrier by joining PPP and continued to serve his country ever so faithfully. He also served Pakistan as an ambassador to Switzerland before his death on 21 April 1996 at the age of 71 in Islamabad.

There is no doubt that it was his hard work and skill that gave cricketer fame in Pakistan and he indeed is The Father Of Pakistani Cricket

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