Salam- Film on Life of Pakistani Nobel Laureate is Available on Netflix

Salam film on Netflix

Salam- The First ******(Muslim) Nobel Laureate, a documentary on the life of Pakistan’s first and only Nobel prize winner scientist Dr. Abdus Salam is available on Netflix from October 1. The feature film has already aired on several South Asian film festivals held in North America and Europe.

About Salam- The Film on Dr. Abdus Salam

Anand Kamalakar Brooklyn based director has made the film which is produced by Kailoola Productions.

Dr. Abdus Salam received his Nobel Prize in Physics. He is the first-ever Pakistani scientist who received this award in the year 1979. He hailed from Jhang in Punjab Pakistan and managed to not only achieve big in his career but also to make an impact in his field with his findings.

But it was due to his faith and prejudice he faced as a result of it that he couldn’t get the due and well-deserved respect in his home country. Dr. Abdus Salam while putting his heart in his work was fighting on many frontiers. The feature film Salam narrates the struggles of his life and talks about the discrimination he faced in his home country on the basis of his religious belief.

Although the film has already been screened on a couple of film festivals, its release on Netflix has made it available for a wider audience including those from Pakistan.

How Pakistanis Are Reacting to It

It is heartening to see that Pakistanis are welcoming the film’s release on Netflix. A look at the comments reveals that the majority of the Netflix viewers in the country are happy at the prospect of listening to the tale of their first even Nobel laureate whom they couldn’t honor the way he deserved.

The film was making folks acknowledge his achievements.

They were just highlighting the different aspects of the scientist’s life by sharing his quotes.

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