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Abrar ul Haq’s Billo in Coke Studio Is Making 90s Kids Nostalgic

Abrar ul Haq’s trend setter and 90s hit song Billo has got a fresh version in Coke Studio season 12. The song is just making 90s kids nostalgic about their childhood while equally becoming more relatable than ever with new music.

Billo by Coke Studio

Abrar ul Haq is almost a regular contributor to Coke studio. Last year he sang Ballay Ballay in collaboration with Aima Baig and it failed to prove a wedding song for many reasons. The audience had a mix response to that song. The case is different with Billo. Fans are not only liking it but seems to have accepted it as song that qualifies for pre-wedding bachelor parties and also for the wedding functions.

There is a lot that folks have to say about this song. It is just making them realise what were the correct lyrics.

A Rendition that Kept the Originality

Coke Studio is famous for doing the covers of old folk songs and pop songs from decades ago that don’t always go well with the listeners. There is always a reasonable number of critics who don’t like renditions. But, it seems that Rohail Hayat who is the producer of Coke Studio Season 12 has played safe by not making much changes into new Billo version. The song starts with a slow beat with lyrics that are rapped in the middle in original version.

Perhaps the thing that originality of this song is still intact is what making people like it the most.

The listeners seem in love with the different parts of the song; each of these has its own meanings and charm.

A Tribute to Pakistan’s own rapper.

This time song just didn’t belong to Abrar ul Haq but also to those background singers.

The singer must be given a due credit for starting Punjabi rap.

It’s been only three episodes of current season of Coke Studio and there is still more to come. Fans are just hoping that this year it is better and more entertaining and there are more originals than covers, because Pakistani music does need a fresh content.

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