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Abrar Ul Haq Vows to Sue Karan Johar for Stealing His Song

The Pakistani singer and politician Abrar Ul Haq is not satisfied with the slight mention of his name in the video description of the song, Nach Punjaban. He recently addressed his fans on Twitter that he will be taking legal action against Karan Johar, T-series, and Dharma productions. The singer mentioned that he had not given rights to his songs to anyone and yet the Bollywood director used it for an upcoming film Jugjugg Jeeyo.

Abrar UL Haq Wants To Take the Song Back

In the latest tweet of Abrar UL Haq, he answered his fans that there will be a legal proceeding against the Bollywood film director Karan Johar for stealing his song. He mimicked a bit and funnily stated that he never sold his song’s rights to any entity. Thus, the use of the Nach Punjaban song in the imminent Bollywood movie Jugjugg Jeeyo is nothing but theft. He said, if someone claims to have the song’s rights then they should produce it in court. Lastly, Haq mentioned that he will take his 2002 masterpiece back and won’t stay quiet this time. He tagged the record label T-series, the Dharma films, and Karan Johar as a sign to tell what is coming.

Abrar’s Case Seems to be Weak

Aside from the claims of Abrar UL Haq, the story has a little twist in it. Reportedly, the song Nach Punjaban is associated with and sourced to the Moviebox Birmingham Limited on Spotify. Also, the UK record label’s Twitter has issued a statement indicating that Karan has legal rights to use the song and Nach Punjaban has been licensed to be added to the film. Other than that, they have called Haq’s claims and tweets defamatory as well as unacceptable.

Johar’s Stance on the Pressing Matter

Bollywood has stolen some of the Hits of Hollywood movie scenes, songs, and scripts. However, people let it go but kept it in mind. Today, netizens are wondering if Abrar Ul Haq is right and if Karan Johar has stolen the song and script of the upcoming Jugjugg Jeeyo movie. Dharma productions or Karan Johar himself haven’t commented on the matter. Neither did the director respond to Haq. Other than that, the audience can just wait until anyone makes a move. However, the movie is not going to wait for any legal process and is going to be released on June 24, 2022, in Indian cinemas.

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