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Accident Man- A Test of Scott Adkins’ Dialogue Writing For Film

The wait is over for the Scott Adkins fans as his most anticipated film Accident Man’s release date approaches. Watching a martial arts star in action, playing kicks and methodically killing the targets, is going to be a heart throbbing experience.

Here are few things that Scott Adkins fans need to know before they see their favorite star turning into an Accident Man.

Accident Man- An Adaptation of a Comic Character

The film Accident Man is an onscreen adaptation of a comic character of the same name, by British writer Pat Mills. The story had appeared in a magazine Toxic in the 1990s. So, the Accident Man will show, how Scott Adkins manages to pull off a comic character. The story depicts the life of Mike Fallon, who is a hitman and kills his targets in a way that they appear to be an accident. Briefly, the lead character ends up pleasing his clients, puzzling the law enforcement agencies and amusing the audience with a thrilling story. Another exciting thing about Accident Man is that it was the only famous character from Pat Mills’ comic series that got the attention of the audience. The rest of the series didn’t gain much popularity.

Accident Man

Scott Adkins Taking Revenge

Viewers who have enjoyed few of the best comedy movies in 2017, can look to the Accident Man for a ‘mixed experience.’ The film’s story doesn’t only feature a Scott Adkins killing the people on demand of his clients and creating difficult situations. The plot takes a twist when Scott Adkins’ ex-girlfriend turned lesbian becomes a victim by his crewmen. Rest of the story follows a path of vengeance by the Adkins who wants to know how someone close to him became a target. Those who are a fan of the Accident Man, as a comic story and not of the Scott Adkins as a martial arts star, might not find the story too much interesting. But, reports suggest that Adkins was so passionate to play this character. He not only wrote the script but also co-produced the film. The writer plus actor has also tried to bring in some funny and potentially offensive dialogues.

So, it would be interesting to note how an action star plays with the words to carve an onscreen experience for a comic book.


Accident Man’s Cast

Other notable cast members of the Accident Man include Ashley Greene, Ray Park, Ray Stevenson, Amy Johnston, Michael Jai White, David Paymer and Nick Moran. Another thing that may add to the uniqueness of the film is Scott Adkins’ collaboration with director Jesse V. Johnson.

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