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Adam Mosseri Addresses Users About The Unpopular Features Of Instagram 

Instagram has evolved with several updates since 2020. Many new features have been introduced including reels, Like button, emojis, and many others. However, the users didn’t appreciate some of the newly introduced features. The head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri took notice of what people have been complaining about and posted a video regarding the unpopular features of the social media platform. He explained in the video what’s been bothering people while using the app and that fixing the issues is a mandatory step. 

Adam Mosseri Talks About Unpopular Instagram Features 

Adam Mosseri highlighted the key issues that users of Instagram have been facing and want to change. He knew that people didn’t like the new Insta and wanted the previous version back that they were comfortable using. 

Some of the updates in the new Instagram include the full-screen feed, an increased rate of Instagram posts, and the pivot to video for challenging the video app, TikTok has received backlash from Instagrammers. The head of the social media platform mentioned that some particular things need to change to satisfy the user needs.  

What Needs to Be Done?

Instagram was initially a photo-sharing platform that allowed people to see what their friends had been doing and they could react to the post with a heart sticker and comment below. The app evolved and added several new features over the past few years. The logo, thumbnails, and method of sharing were altered. People could add videos more than a minute longer. Later, a new app was designed and presented before the users which didn’t get much appreciation. Even the celebrities including Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian who have millions of followers posted on their stories “make Instagram Instagram again”. 

Today, people want to see the content that their close ones post. The unusual pause in the videos while scrolling needs to be fixed. Mosseri said that Insta will become a better video-sharing platform but that doesn’t mean photo-sharing will cease to exist. The head of Insta said that if people are watching recommended posts that are not interested in, it means that the team is at fault and it will have to improve the feature. 

Users Need to Cope and Chill Too

The head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri concluded his video with a statement that might mean users are supposed to chill out and cope with the evolution. He mentioned that the world is changing with time and so everyone has to evolve with it. That allegedly means that Instagram will have to test and adopt every new trend or feature that the world is bringing to stay tough in the competition with other competitors. 

Instagram has been coping with several issues and trying to resolve them as well. Just like Previously, Instagram new privacy policy was introduced to keep the adults away from teens. Since the application was specifically designed for the youngsters and less for the adults, the team decided to keep them separate. Adam was reportedly trying to convince the audience that the platform is doing efforts to make the app a better version of itself. 

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