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Adele and Skepta Are Dating Really?

After splitting from her husband rumors are emerging that the British singer and songwriter Adele is dating British Grime award winning rapper Skepta. Fans are surprised and amazed at what is going on

Fans Reaction To Adele And Skepta Dating

The rumor was sparked by the above-mentioned tweet posted by Dan Wootton who is a senior editor at the Sun Magazine. According to the tweet, close friends of the couple confirmed about Adele and Skepta dating .

After this news, the social media lit up like the fourth of July with everybody expressing their shock and amazement.

Could This Be a Miss Matched Couple

 The couple seems to be a bit of a miss-match as one is more accomplished than the other. Whereas a handful of people know who Skepta is the whole world knows who the Grammy award-winning singer is. So even if this doesn’t work out one things for sure, she will have a great time in the bedroom.

If you look at the list of ex’s the Skepta has dated or gone out with you’ll be surprised to know that all of them were more successful and more famous as compared to him. Now normally men don’t like this as it makes them feel inferior, so for him to date celebrities more famous than him is puzzling for some.

Wish You All The Best

Where people are confused as to what is going on, some are happy for the couple and are wishing them all the best in life.

Foks were also wondering  good looking women like her agreed even to date the British grime winner.

Not Even Nostradamus Could Have Predicted This

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