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It Seems that Adele and Lady Gaga Are Doing Collaboration

Rumor has it that Adele and Lady Gaga might be doing a collaboration together. The rumor gained more hype after a Twitter post by lady gaga stated that the name of her new album would be called Adele. Just like that fans went wild.

Possibility of Collaboration between Adele and Lady Gaga

Adele and Lady Gaga are two of the highest-paid female artists in the world. They both have won multiple music awards and have produced numerous hit songs that have topped the music charts worldwide.

So far the rumors of a collaboration between the two pop  singers have not been denied or confirmed, but reports are coming forth that representatives of the two-star are engaged in negotiating a deal. Before this, it was rumored that the Adele and Beyoncé would be doing a collaboration which apparently Adele turned down as she felt Bey only uses a person’s fame to keep her music career afloat. She’s a fraud and a fake.

It’s the right of a person to reject and choose the person with whom you want to work within the music industry in particular, but there’s no point in being so rude.

She Referred To A Flower

Contrary to the beliefs of many media outlets reported that Lady Gaga was referring to the flower Adele and not the singer. However, there are also rumors of the two singers in the process of negotiations.

What Is Going On?

Others simply are questioning why is Adele popping in the news so much as she normally prefers to keeps on the down-low and prefers to avoid unnecessary publicity. It is to be noted that rumors of Adele dating Skepta are also rife these days.

The news of Adele and Lady Gaga’s possible collaboration has indeed distracted folks fro, Halloween.

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