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Brutal Torture of Adv. Irshad Nasreen Causes Rage among Lawyers

Irshad Nasreen, a female lawyer from Haveli Lakha, Punjab was found in a shattered state on 23rd August in Okara. According to the reports, she was abducted on 15th August outside her workplace, Depalpur Katcheri. The culprits mentally and physically tortured her for 9 days until dropping her on a footpath in an unconscious condition. The victim’s video in which she could be seen in a state of trauma went viral on social media

Later it was reported that PM Imran Khan has taken notice of the incident and issued instructions to arrest the suspects. She was not stable enough to describe her condition and her abusers.

Some bystanders helped her release her from the ropes. She told that she was abducted by four unidentified men who continuously tortured her. The police was involved and took her to District Headquarter Hospital (DHQ) in Okara for medical attention. There has been a strong reaction from the community regarding the lawyer protection laws and the customary sickness of men in Pakistan.

Activists Raise Voice for Irshad Nasreen

According to the key digital media associate of Usman Buzdar, Irshad Nasreen was under treatment and yet to give any statement.

The public is eagerly waiting for the statement so the abusers can be punished. Social activists have reminded everyone that some of mankind has not yet evolved from the savagery. They were on her side and demanded the government to give the criminals what they truly deserve.

Reaction From The Lawyers

The lawyer community of Pakistan has collectively condemned the act. They are desperately awaiting the consequences. They have demanded authorities to deliver acute justice considering the heinous nature of the crime

According to the reports, she also filed a case last year in which she stated that three men kidnapped her and forced her to sign blank papers after physical torture. Apparently she is abducted for the second time but it is not clear whether the culprits are same


One fellow lawyer has suggested to investigate both abductions deeply as the matter seemed more controversial than it was reported. A single woman was targeted multiple times by unknown group reflects many weaknesses including the laws of protection for lawyers.

Protection For Laywers

The bar association has demanded serious protection for paralegal staff and especially women. Lawyers deal with cases that could lead to dramatic end which can agitate several parties. It is a basic concept that should be applied by unprejudiced law enforcement without any government intervention.

The country suffers from a horrible disease of rape culture which is alarmingly spreading very fast in Pakistani men. The life of working women continues to be unsafe in this patriarchal nexus of corrupt, greedy, power hungry, and vile men.


Upon realization that only evil prevails in Pakistan, there were also some emotional responses which would explain what kind of humanitarian crises this country is going through.

Interview Of The Victim

Her fellow lawyer attempted to do an informal interview but her condition did not allow her to speak properly as apparent from the video below.


It was also reported that there are 15 cases registered with her name in multiple police stations. In some cases she is accused in some she is an accuser. In other cases, she is involved as a witness and guarantor. The nature of cases were reportedly theft, kidnapping, fights, forgery, counterfeit transactions, and resistance.

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