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Afghan Anchor Forced to Sell Street Food Because of Taliban

Famous Afghan TV anchor Musa Mohammadi has been seen selling street food in viral pictures. Musa worked as an anchor & reporter for many years before the fall of republic in Afghanistan. Taliban took absolute control of the country in August 2021 after forcing out the allied troops. Since then, the critics have been reporting abnormal circumstances regarding the quality of life, women’s education, freedom rights, and poverty in Afghanistan. These pictures of the Afghan anchor making rounds on social media add to the implications of having the Taliban as leaders.

Afghan Anchor Loses Job in War Fallout

Afghanistan is going through economic, political, and humanitarian crises simultaneously after the Taliban takeover. In recent months, the extremist outfit has terrorized media houses, causing many journalists, particularly women, to lose their jobs. They also have to do something like this Afghan anchor to make ends meet.

Offer from National Radio and Television

The viral pictures caught the attention of Ahmadullah Wasiq, the Director-General of National Radio and Television. He tweeted in support of the Afghan anchor forced out on the streets by the Taliban. As per translation, Wasiq assured that he would hire the former anchor within the framework of National Radio and Television. Furthermore, he expressed his wish to provide work for all Afghan professionals that have suffered unemployment at the hands of the Taliban.

Darkest Moment in Human History

United Nations also raised concern regarding the continuously deteriorating human rights situation in Afghanistan. Despite repeatedly promising to protect the rights of the people, the Taliban has systematically violated them. This Afghan anchor and other journalists are not the only ones to suffer. Many other artists have succumbed to their horrible fate under the new leadership.

Earlier this month, the Taliban arrested a YouTuber named Ajmal Haqiqi and forced him to confess to committing and encouraging anti-Islamic acts. Last year in July, a video went viral in which the Taliban were seen beating and dragging comedian Nazar Mohammad before eventually killing him. Even though the Taliban denied involvement, many refused to take them for their word.

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