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AGPR Officer Shoots Himself Over BISP Corruption Allegation

Controller of General Accounts in Accountant General Pakistan Revenues (AGPR) has reportedly committed suicide after facing corruption charges by the National Accountability Bureau (NAB). The Rawat police confirmed that the victim Khurram Humayun was found blooded with a bullet hole in his head. The family of the deceased also reported that the AGPR officer was mentally disturbed ever since NAB opened an investigation regarding the Benazir Income Support Program (BISP) corruption case

Khurram was a BS-22 grade officer who appeared upset numerous times during the ongoing investigation for months. His close family friend, Aziz Nishtar told the media that NAB has taken his life with unfair pressure.

AGPR Officer Referenced In BISP Scandal

The NAB was investigating a case regarding the alleged embezzlement of 1.6 Billion PKR. It named top BISP administrators involved in this case. The accountability board reported that Khurram along with Ex-Chairperson Farzana Raja and some others, awarded illegal tenders to advertising agencies in 2009, 2010, and 2011.

Furthermore, out of 1.6 billion PKR, 1.4 billion went to only one advertising agency. As per NAB, it submitted this corruption reference for the BISP case 6 months ago. Last year, former ISI officer Asad Munir also committed suicide due to stress and fear of the NAB investigation.

NAB Responds To The Tragic Death

The accountability bureau disassociated itself from the suicide of a senior AGPR officer. It claimed that Khurram was a free man as he was not in the custody. It rejected all allegations of enabling suicide and maintained that it has performed its duties within the rule of law.

The Final Letter

A week before committing suicide, Khurram wrote a letter to the ministry of finance to help him get rid of NAB’s allegations. He mentioned his opinion regarding the allegation and disclosed his legal counsel to express his wish in fighting this corruption case legally.

He asked for 3 months’ leave but promised to remain committed to serving the country as a government employee. He also kept seeking guidance from his circle and trustworthy friends throughout the duration of the case.

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