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Netizens Troll Ahsan Khan for Living Here and There

Famous Pakistani actor and host Ahsan Khan is now a viral meme apparently for his self-proclamation about his career and dual nationality. He seems to be introducing himself by mentioning his name and saying that he was a British Asian actor who lives here (UK) and there (Pakistan) as well.

Ahsan Khan: The Priyanka Chopra of Pakistan

The ambiguity in his speech led many to make fun of him for speaking in an accent that was not clear to others. The funniest part for the viewers was when he said “here and there” because they have mostly seen him in Pakistan and he had no other projects in the UK that they know of. He was probably not paying much attention to what he was saying which led many to name him the Priyanka Chopra of Pakistan.

Series of Creative Jokes

The video started a chain of creative jokes on social media. With the sorry state of current affairs in Pakistan, celebrity shenanigans are one way for the nation to have some fun. The actor’s purpose is to entertain the masses and Ahsan Khan has done that. Now social users media users have been obsessed with this “here and there” that they have started to create their own jokes at the expense of the actor.

The Ability to be at Two Places at Once

Another funny thing users found in his accent was the lack of clarity. When he said “here and there” they joked that he had some superpower that made him be at 2 places at the same time. They sarcastically said they were envious of his ability and they should have also been “here and there” like him instead of doing something worthwhile.

Comparison with Other Overseas Pakistani

Even though Ahsan Khan was born in London, UK, he has spent most of his life in Pakistan. He received a degree in English Literature from Government College University. After a few Pakistani movies like Nikah, Bili, and Ghar Kab Ao Ge, he moved to the TV scene. He’s not practically an overseas Pakistani but users cannot help but make comparisons with how overseas Pakistani celebrities speak.

How it Relates To Pakistanis

Some found the video of Ahsan Khan relatable with their own attention span that went here and there.

The Relief of Not Speaking English for a While

Users also speculated how Pakistanis living in other countries felt after coming back to Pakistan. They must be relieved of the pressure of twisting their tongue after speaking their first language, Urdu which is comfortable for both, the speaker and the listener.

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