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Air India Pilot’s Heartfelt Tweet About Flying Her Mom Goes Viral

A female Air India pilot flew her air hostess mother to the last flight of her career fulfilling her wish to do so. The pilot also tweeted a video showing passengers clapping for her mom and received massive appreciation from Twitterati.

Air India Pilot Flying Her Air Hostess Mom

Air India captain Ashrrita told in her tweet that she was happy for being able to pilot her mom who was an air hostess, something that her mother dreamt.

Ashritta also shared the video of her mom passing through the place and receiving applause from passengers in the form of the clap.

An Appreciation From Twitterati

Air India pilot’s story of flying her mom to her last flight as an air hostess was indeed inspirational. It gave people the new kind of life goals. And, Twitter users who came across the post had remarkable things to say.

It was an emotional sight to watch.

People applauded the mother-daughter

The story of the female Air India pilot was the best thing that people watched on Twitter that day. It was really something that inspired kids to work even harder and focus on their struggle so that one day they can make their parents proud by serving the world the way their parents did. And, for parents, no moment is worth cherishing than seeing their kids doing something great in life. It was indeed a worth acknowledging moment.

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