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Airbus A380 Production Program Getting Scrapped

The Airbus recently announced that it is going to stop the production of the A380 by 2021; This is due to lack of customers interest.

Why is A380 Production Getting Scrapped

 In a statement Airbus chief executive Tom Enders said as Emirates (the main buyer ) has reduced its order  from 162 to 123 and placed more orders to produce smaller twin-engine, Airbus is forced to scrap the A380 production, despite all the sale efforts we made

Passengers all over the world love to fly on it. Hence this decision is equally painful for us.

The plane was meant to rival Boings 787 Dreamliner and Establish Airbus as the king of pane manufactures. Airbus till now has produced a total of 234 A380 out of the 313 orders places. The total number of Airbus A380’s that were expected to be produced were 700

In an interview, Willie Walsh, boss of British Airways-owner IAG said the plane in a marvel of aviation but is too pricy making it less favorable

When asked an aviation expert said that the recent advancements in twin jet engines have reduced the need for a large aircraft with four engines, unlike 777 and A350.Different versions of the A380 were also expected to be produced. one variation being the cargo version which never left the planning table

What Made The Plane So Different From Others     

The largest commercial airplane also known as the hotel in the sky is a double-decker plane with practically all hotel facilities. The 500sq inch provided Airbus the opportunity to offer a business class like no other

The plane came with a wide range of amenities like its own duty-free shop, bar, salon, and spa.

It provided 220 window seats which are the largest number of seats in any commercial airplane of such kind .It is the greenest and most fuel efficient plane in the world with the quietest noise on takeoff.

How Will This Affect Employees

There are about 3000-3500 personal working in Airbuses A380 projects. The cancelation of the project for them is indeed sad news, but the company is reportedly speaking to its affiliate partners concerning their employment concerns and placement.

The changed order of emirates which is now looking to buy more twin-engine aircraft from Airbus has generated a greater need for the workforce. Hence it’s only logical for them to shift employees to that section to compensate the needs .

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