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Did Akcent Just Troll Indians on Pakistan’s Defence Day?

Romanian pop sensation Akcent left everyone surprised by posting Happy Defence Day and trolling India on their official Facebook page. The post read, “Happy defence day Pakistan and Tea was fantastic follow me on Instagram @akcentofficial.”

Akcent Referring to IAF Pilot Abhinandan’s Capture?

A simple Defence day wish might not have been this much of a surprise but it was a reference to Indian IAF pilot Abhinandan‘s opinion of Tea he was offered in Pakistan during his capture. Adding that “Tea was fantastic” dialogue might not be for the purpose of trolling Indian but really made Pakistanis happy. And, of course it also left many Indians offended, at least this is what we can say from the comments on post.

Folks were sharing the band’s message on Twitter

The band was immediately promoted to the rank of Major by Pakistanis.


It was inevitable for this post to not make news.


Was It Just A Publicity Stunt?

There is no doubt that such a post by a hit band member is indeed and attempt to grab more followers. Even the post itself mentioned the Instagram handle of the band. The post which was from offical Facebook page of the Akcent was followed by heated arguments between the music group’s Indo-Pak fans.

Many people were quick to point out how international singers used techniques to capture attention from a diverse fanbase with social media posts and opinions that may even look biased apparently.


Akcent’s Popularity in Pakistan

This Romanian music band enjoys huge fan base in both India and Pakistan. In the last couple of years, it has done several concerts in both these countries. The group is famous for its songs like My Passions, Feelings on Fire, I’m Sorry, Too Late to Cry, Angel, How Deep Is Your Love and many more. The band with Adrian Sina lead vocalist sings in Spanish, Romanian and English.

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