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Akshay Kumar Gets Trolled for FAU-G after PUBG Is Set to Return

Recently, the Bollywood star Akshay Kumar announced the launch of a new game named as FAU-G (Fearless and United-Guards) a day after the ban of PUBG. The game has been designed specially for Indians in order to provide the entertainment as well as knowledge about the Indian soldiers in the form of a mobile video game. 

According to him, the game is a good initiative since 20% of its revenue will be donated to the (bharat k veer) trust FAUG.

The news of launching this game took a form of a wave against Akshay and he became a victim of trolling lovers. Social media platforms turned into a prison for him where he got mocked and trolled by a great deal of the population. Khiladi of Bollywood was mocked by people because two days after Akshay announced FAU-G. the reports of PUBG getting unbanned started pouring in.

What Akshay Kumar Will Do Now?

The news of possible unban of PUBG in India has directed the attention of trolls towards Akshay. The actor is already a popular meme material due to his movies. Now, the similar memes are being used to poke fun at him.

This might be the condition of Airlift actor because he might not be able to sell patriotism anymore.


Earlier in the first weel of september one of the most trending games PUBG was banned for a number of reasons including cybersecurity and to avoid violence. Later, a new game was endorsed by Akshay Kumar who is among the highest-paid and most popular Bollywood actors. 

As it appears from the social media posts, one of the many reasons of Akshay Kumar being trolled is associated with the fact that FAU-G is nothing but a replacement of previously banned game PUBG. As the names also resemble FAU-G/PUBG, it isn’t a shock to the public: Allegedly, they find it quiet obvious that FAU-G is a replacement of PUBG. They think FAU-G as a cheap version of PUBG.

Supposedly, the thought of political agenda has also crossed the minds of Indian civilians: they are thinking that launching FAU-G after banning PUBG is no coincident but a planned activity in order to gain the support of the public in the name of patriotism. The government simply played a trick on Indians by giving them a game that reflects Indian history and ignites a flame of patriotism in everyone’s heart. 

Was FAU-G A Project of Deceased Sushant Singh Game

Copying the cover and making FAU-G just like PUBG are not the only points being raised at a game endorsed by Akshay Kumar. Some posts on social media claim that FAU-G might be the same game Sushant Singh Rajpoot who allegedly committed suicide had talked about a few months back. 

Allegations or not, Indian citizens have expressed their emotions regarding Akshay. Supposedly, the Bollywood star is not qualified enough to produce a game since he is not a programmer and also he doesn’t have any relevant qualifications.

FAU-G: Original or stolen?

FAU-G, apart from being criticized for its traits and alikeness with PUBG, is also being t compared with another game named collision innocence. According to critics, the similarity between the cover picture and the poster is uncanny. It can be stated that both the pictures are identical. 

As per media reports FAU-G is being accused of stealing the poster of the collision innocence game that is available on amazon prime. Due to the similarity of concepts, a lot of individuals who possess the knowledge of games, have asserted that copying was not a good move in order to launch a game in the name of patriotism. The game needed to be original and authentic. On the other hand, how a game could possibly promote patriotism, especially when it’s based on war and violence! 

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