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Ali Gul Pir Death – What is the Whole Story?

Pakistani comedian and singer Ali Gul Pir shared a photo on Twitter containing the news of his death. According to reports, an online tabloid spread the news about Ali Gul Pir death so the artist decided to end the confusion with his sense of humour. Social media users also decided to have a little fun on the matter. 

Ali Gul Pir Death News become Funny

The tabloid has reportedly deleted the post about Ali Gul Pir death but the artist had already shared it with his followers on Twitter. He joked that he was tweeting from the grave and will not go easy.

Many engaged with his post, asking him sarcastic questions about the afterlife.

Reaction from Fans

Social media users laughed along with Ali Gul Pir death rumours and made them hilarious. They wondered if he was speaking from beyond the veil then why not question him about the related mysteries. One asked if he was receiving spanks or virgins up there.

Some joked how he could not even find peace in the grave. It was a humble nod to Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan and his public addresses. The premier became a laughing stock for saying that happy endings were only in fairy tales and in reality, “one only finds peace in the grave”. Ali Gul Pir shared a gif to show that Khan was wrong about that too.

Fake Ali Gul Pir death news also provided an opportunity for some to poke fun at deceased controversial personalities who were immortalized by their followers.

Some wondered if Ali Gul Pir death news was circulated by the artist himself. It was because the editing skills in the post were below average and did not look like the work of a professional.

Many also wondered if the singer was thinking about making more parody videos from the grave to stay connected with the living. A few days ago, he shared his entry in the viral collection of Fiza Shiza memes. These jokes were based on characters from a TV drama in which identical twins become victims of a planned wife swap.

Career Highlights

Ali Gul Pir started his career as a stand-up comedian and later turned into a singer. He blasted on to the music scene in 2012 with an explosive single “Waderia ka Beta” which mocked the social and political system of Pakistan. The song gained half a million views on YouTube within 1 week of its release. Other popular Ali Gul Pir’s songs include VIP (2013), Kaisa Diya? (2014), a song for the Pakistani movie Jawani Phir Nhi Ani, Dance the Party (2015), Modi Teri (2016), and Kerley jo Kerna Hai (2020). He also gave his voice in the animated Pakistani film, 3 Bahadur: The Revenge of Baba Balaam.

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