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Pakistani Actor Ali Rehman Khan Invites Trolls for His New Project

Pakistani film and drama actor Ali Rehman Khan is going viral on social media for his leaked video. Heer Maan Ja actor has just given a new content for memes to social media users after his video showing him shouting at a McDonald’s employee went viral.

It can be seen in the video that Ali while talking to salesman in a rude tone asks him “Do you know who I am?. Have you watched me on TV? Well, trolls without waiting for what was the real story behind this video (or even knowing it, if it was for promotional purpose), didn’t spare a second to memefy the situation.

Here Are Some Initial Reactions On Ali Rehman’s Video

We have to admit that few of these reactions are actually hilarious.

Like, this reference of IAF pilot Abhinandan’s dialogue.

This one is worth making a viewer to laugh at loud.

Folks really started teaching him how it was unethical to talk to someone in that way.

And there didn’t seem any concession to Ali Rehman Khan who has been starred in so many films by now.

People were not even refraining from using harsh language to condemn Ali Rehman whose act was indeed not acceptable if seen without the actual context of video.

So What Was This Video All About

After the few hours of video going viral, Ali Rehman Khan finally came out with the what was the matter and he didn’t mean to shout at someone considered to be socially inferior to him in any capacity.

Ali explained that aim of the video was to do a social experiment end to raise awareness on this Tum Janty ho Mein Kon hun (Do You Know Who I Am) culture. He also expressed his happiness on the way people reacted to the video and showed their anger on a celebrity mistreating a salesman that way.

In end of the video Ali Rehman asked viewers to stay tuned as there was more to come.

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