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Pakistani Singer Ali Sethi Goes Viral for Acting Khadim Hussain Rizvi

Pakistani Singer, Ali Sethi went viral on social media due to an awkward confrontation on Instagram Live. As it appears that the singer was first provoked by the user on Instagram live by the wrong imitation of the word ‘Meerasi’.

The poor user said ‘meerasi’ is commonly used by naïve people, who do not even understand its actual meaning. Later Sethi explained that Meerasi is not a word is any language, infact it is Meerasi which is driven from Meeras, meaning heritage. So Meerasi is someone who ‘preserves the heritage’.

In fact Sethi was life saver for those who couldn’t openly display their passion for music.

This user pointed out how Sethi again educated about responding to someone who was being an absolute jerk. When a person called him ‘kanjar’, he responded ‘son, your whole family is kanjar’ in a very polite manner; this is where Sethi’s recent viral moment began.

Obviously people were taking this very thing out of context.

Social Media Having Fun with Viral Video of Ali Sethi

People love memes and there have been too many memes in response to this incident.

This user pointed out that this curse word is nothing compared to the embarrassment caused by Amir Liaqat, few years ago.

It was so suprising like this Maria B meme to see why people were going crazy after Ali Sethi lost his cool. Have not they seen people like Waqar Zaka behaving that way for years.

He was giving likes of Zaka a run for their money.

And who can forget this Khadim Hussain Rizvi who is already a meme for this very habbit.

What Was Ali Sethi Doing Live?

During this time of Coronavirus pandemic when lockdown and fear of spread has made people confined within homes, Sethi is using his voice to cheer up the depressed souls.

His fans from all ages and genders have so far admired his attempt to spread happiness through his social media live performances.

But they equally loved his new single.

The Memes Are Just Pouring In

Social media brigade was happy that they had got a new meme stuff.

Not everyone  seemed to like the fact that Ali Sethi was trending for merely responding to someone in vile language .

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