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All about Eye Tribe – Eye Tracker Gaming Technology

In recent years the technological advancements have allowed software developers and inventors to design, develop and improve eye-tracking technology which companies are now trying to incorporate into gaming. The new eye tracker gaming systems will be launched soon in the near future.

How the Eye Tracker Gaming system Works

According to experts, the eye tracker gaming technology is a new technology that has gained hype over the past few years .The concept of the technology revolves around a person’s ability to use his or her gaze as an input modulator along with other input devices to play games.

The Eye Tribes tracking system collects data from a person face and eyes. It uses the information collected to calculate where a person is looking on the screen in the form of x and y coordinates.

To track the user eye movement effectively, the user must place the eye tracking device in front of the screen pointing towards him.

The device can track the user effectively as long as he remains within the tracker’s tack box. The trackbox is the space within which the device can effectively track the user. It will be small for the faster rates and reasonable for slow frame rates.  The eye tracking software calculates the user’s eye gaze coordinates with an average accuracy of around 0.5 to 1º of visual angle. Assuming the user is 60 cm away from the screen, the accuracy with which the device will be able to track you with an error of 0.5 to 1 cm.

Types of Modes Available

The system has two modes which are as follows

Active Mode:

In this mode, the user can use his eye gaze to operate and input data into an app completely. The user can also couple this feature with other input devices to maximize his experience. This system can be used when a person is playing games and surfing the web.

Passive Mode:

Otherwise known as the observation mode is the state in which the device only observes and collects information regarding the eye movement of the user which can be used to improve the user experience further.

Eye motion is of two types, one is static, and the other is kinetic.  In a static motion, the eye gaze is still at one point, i.e. when you are looking at a certain point in a picture, and in kinetic motion, the eye gaze is mobile, i.e. when you’re watching a movie or an ad. The user information collected in either mode allows the system to improve user experience further.

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