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Amazing Facts for Students

here is so much to know about these subjects. Mathematics and Science are two of the most interesting subjects. They offer some of the most Amazing facts. These funny, interesting story tell us why Maths and Science are important matters for life. The most interesting facts about science include many things. One of the fun facts for kids is that first virus was discovered 100 years ago. World’s largest telescope is constructed in northern Chile, one of the other interesting facts. One of the fun facts for kids is that longest living cells in brain live for an entire lifetime.

Interesting Facts about Maths

One of the fun quizzes for kids is about visual geometry. The visual geometry quiz asks the kids to recognize different shapes. Weird fun, interesting facts about Maths include sunflowers following a Fibonacci sequence; the word hundred is derived from word hundrath which means 120 and not 100, and in a room of 23 people there is a 50% chance of people having the same birthday. Among other weird fun information, zero is the only number we cannot represent in Roman numerals. Many old texts consider the Odd Numbers as Male and Even Numbers as females. A deck of card correctly shifted does not have a chance of coming in the same order in the entire time length of the universe’s existence. Who would have thought Zero to be an Even Number? The number considered to luckiest is 8. And in China, the number 8 is considered as a sign of longevity and sustenance. Many businesses and hotels have 8 in their name.

Amazing Facts about Science

Amazing Facts about Science

There are many eye-popping facts about Science. One of the cools science facts is that 41 new species are discovered every day. Among cool science, Amazing facts are the word Science itself. The word Science first appeared in 1833. Scientists now agree that Chicken came first instead of the Egg.  The Egg cannot be produced without its protein which originates from the Chicken itself. Only 0.6 people read a scientific paper. One of the cool science facts is that now urine can be used by scientists to charge a mobile phone. And fancy getting peanuts converted into diamonds. Researchers have developed a new micro particle which can be injected into our blood stream, enabling humans to live without having the need to breathe. This fact does not seem to be much of a thing unless you consider things like surviving on non-human friendly planets like Mars.

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