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Prime’s Video Clips Sharing Feature Makes OTT Platforms look Cruel

Amazon is now beginning streaming with its latest video clips sharing feature that looks promising, considering the innovations all OTT platforms are bringing. The recent update allows users to share small video shots of shows and films on social media platforms. The users can directly share the short videos on social sites and apps after selecting and editing the clips. Although, there are certain limitations too. However, the feature is marking its territory in the OTT world by making the rest of the streaming servers look evil.

Do OTT Platforms Need to Add Feature like Video Clips Sharing?

Amazon prime has set the bar high for other popular streaming sites including Netflix, HULU, and Disney. All three and some others as well don’t have a video clip sharing feature, which is pretty important. The reason behind the significance of this feature is that the users are more into streaks and maintaining their fun life on social media. The ones who watch shows and videos, usually want to show what they have been up to by making videos of movies and shows they watch. Netflix seems to be more at disadvantage because of hype and increased viewership. It doesn’t even allow taking a screenshot during the streaming. Even if anyone is successful enough to take a screenshot, the picture becomes black.


As for Disney plus, one can take a screenshot but can’t record anything. The platform doesn’t allow its users to record the screen due to the privacy of its exclusive content.

Now that Amazon is offering something new, there is a good chance of people taking more interest in prime than others.

Moment of Truth: The limitations

Although Amazon prime’s perception about being different than the rest of the streaming platform shows good outcomes it certainly isn’t much distinguished. The moment of truth here is that like other, prime is also careful about the exclusiveness of its content. Its video clips sharing feature isn’t that perfect as it seems. It only allows its users to record very limited and short video clips of the only exclusive and prime original content. This includes the shows like The Boys, The Wilds, Invincible, and Fairfax. This means that Amazon has put restrictions on recording, editing, and sharing clips from any other shows or movies that are available on different platforms besides prime.

Also, Netflix and many other streaming platforms are progressing towards innovation. For instance, the new Netflix short clips feature is also something that users would like to enjoy. It is similar to Tiktok but the platform put its essence of streaming into it. Thus, Amazon’s way of making the OTT sites look cruel isn’t that prominent but it might have some adverse effects on the other ones.

Amazon Prime is Late With its Innovation

Amazon isn’t the only one that came up with the idea of video clips sharing on social media platforms. Tech giant, Sony was the one who introduced and added this feature in its services. Though it allows only gameplay videos to be recorded and not the videos from streaming sites including amazon prime. Those who use Sony’s PS4 can simply record and share the gameplays without having limits, unlike prime.

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