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Amesbury Poisoning- UK Asks Russia to Explain Nerve Agent Incident

Tensions between the UK and Russia escalate in wake of Amesbury poisoning incident where a couple was exposed to a nerve agent and fell critically ill.

The UK has again asked Russia to explain this incident as two more citizens have fallen a victim to it. The man and the woman who became the victim of Salisbury poisoning are believed to be Dawn Sturgess and Charlie Rowley.

The UK Asking Russia to Explain Amesbury Poisoning

According to media reports UK Home Secretary Sajid Javid has told that nerve agent that caused Amesbury poisoning incident was of the same type that affected the Russian spy Sergei Skripal and his wife Yulia Skripal.

He said, “It is now time that the Russian state comes forward and explains what has gone on.” Reported BBC.

He also told media that 100 counter-terrorism officers were working with Wiltshire Police on this case.

Novishok Poisoning Based on Assumption

Sajid Javid also told that there was a strong working assumption that Amesbury couple which is the latest victim of nerve agent came into contact with the poison from the different location to the site of Salisbury poisoning that affected Russian spy and his daughter.

He also told that it was possible for the nerve agent found in Amesbury poison to be from the same batch of Salisbury poison. But they could not attribute it to the Navichok agent to the same batch as scientists were working on it.

He also said, “It is completely unacceptable for our people to be either deliberate or accidental targets, or for our streets, our parks, our town to be dumping grounds for poison.”

Tensions Rise between Russia and the UK

After the Salisbury poisoning case tensions between Russia and the UK had escalated. And, UK had expelled Russian diplomats and asked Russia to give an explanation of the incident which was deemed as the first chemical attack on British soil after the Second World War. After this Russia had also warned the swift response to UK’s expulsion of Russian diplomats.

The UK had also taken this issue to the United Nations Security Council in March. And, it had asked its allies to stand by its side. After this, almost 20 UK allies including US and EU countries and Australia had expelled Russian diplomats.

The fact that a Russian never agent was used to target a Russian nerve agent in a public place in Britain, made the UK believe that Russia was involved in the incident.

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