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Amir Khan Can’t Get of Kareena Kapoor in Lal Singh Chaddha

The famous actor Amir khan portrayed his emotions and love for Kareena Kapoor Khan through a comment on Instagram. Amir did not want Kareena to leave the shooting for their Film Laal Singh Chaddha. He commented in the response to Mrs. Khan’s post on Instagram regarding her time and memories on and about the movie set. 

Kareena Kapoor and Amir Khan in Lal Singh Chaddha

The famous star and wife of renowned actor Saif Ali Khan stated that nothing lasts forever. Just like her shooting for the movie Lal Singh Chaddha. As per her comments, it was not easy to shoot during pregnancy and several other issues attached. She mentioned how she was nervous due to the shoot and coronavirus, which caused problems for the whole world. The love and passion for her profession kept her going with the film’s shooting. As per her comment, there was nothing more important than the film. She thanked Amir in the end as he was a good co-start and support to her.


Amir’s Affectionate Concerns Regarding Kareena in Lal Singh Chaddha

After getting to know about Mrs. Khan’s post, Amir Khan reposted what she said on social media. Amir Khan, being a good-hearted person, mentioned her and said “What are you talking about Kareena? End of the journey? No way! I’ve requested Advait to write a few more scenes for us, so we can continue shooting with you” 

His comment shows his affection towards Kareena and her work. As per the comment, Amir seems to admire how she is passionate and a fine actress. He might have said it in as a pun but her emotions were completely on board with his messages. 


Why was it important for Amir to share such a post?

Amir Khan, who is known for many popular films like Thugs of Hindustan and PK, shared his love and support for Kareena Kapoor khan. Allegedly, the reason for such admiration was their bond with each other due to their previous movie together such as 3 idiots, Talash, and Bombay Talkies. Both artists have a special connection with each other.

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