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Amna Ahmad To Get Liberal Democrat Ticket

Amna Ahmad, a British Pakistan woman is hopeful that she will become part of the British parliament by winning June 8th elections in the UK. Amna Ahmad wants to oppose the hard Brexit agenda set by the Conservative Party.

A Brief Background of the British Pakistani Woman

Amna Ahmad originally belongs to Lahore, Pakistan. She went to South London as a child and represents the views of the Liberal Democrats. She will run for Liberal Democrats Parliamentary candidate for the constituency of Sutton and Cheam.

Sutton and Cheam are the stronghold areas for the Liberal Democrats. Therefore, she says she cannot take things at face value and every vote will count towards her success.

Election Effort by Amna Ahmad

Amna Ahmad To Get Liberal Democrat TicketAmna Ahmad is working hard to improve her chances of winning the elections. While talking to the media, she said that she goes out for election campaign 8:00 AM in the morning and comes back at 11:00 PM. She wishes to win the election to serve her community better and speak for the drowned voices.

When asked how she started representing Liberal Democrats. She replied that she knows minorities have a vote inclination towards the Labor Party. She replied that Labor Party takes her party for granted. Therefore, Amna Ahmad explained that they need to look at all sides to see if they are representing their viewpoints or not.

She says that there are no sureties as to which party will win in Sutton and Cheam, but they have a significant opportunity within the local council.

Amna Ahmad points to the increase in racism and Islamophobia and that this worries her about the community. Consequently She says she is concerned about the safety of the community with an increase in racism and Islamophobia, besides the division in Britain on Brexit.

Also, she shed light on the unfounded fears of the British people about Muslims coming to the UK. Amna Ahmad says that Muslims are proud of a secular society that promotes liberal British views. She also talked the threat that Islamophobia poses to Great Britain.

Amna Ahmad on her Pakistani Background

Amna Ahmad Pakistani BackgroundMost of all, on her Pakistani background, Amna Ahmad says that her background is a source of inspiration to her. Amna Ahmad says she is proud of her ethnicity with two identities of British Asian and British Pakistani. She says that there is a lot that Britain can learn from the Pakistan values and culture.

Furthermore, On her confidence, she says she gained it while dealing with authorities while growing up in South London. Hence, she says she has opposed the Iraq War and actively campaigned against it. She believes in standing for anyone in her community who faces injustice.

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