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What Happens when Misogynist Andrew Tate Faces Islamophobic Slurs?

YouTuber and former kickboxer Brian Davis, aka True Geordie, has been accused of passing Islamophobic remarks against the newly converted controversial personality, Andrew Tate. The renowned misogynist and former kickboxer Tate announced in October that he had converted to Islam. Since then, many Muslims, especially women, have expressed disdain over the development. Few even consider his conversion a farce for shielding his image behind religion. However, True Jordie did something different and gave him a taste of his own medicine by insulting him the same way he insulted women.

Andrew Tate vs True Geordie

True Geordie hosted a podcast on 6 November in which a fan asked him about his opinion on having a kickboxing match with Andrew Tate. Geordie’s co-host responded with a joke that he wouldn’t stand a chance as “God is on his side”, referring to Tate’s religious turn. Then Geordie added that Tate must do the right thing and “blow himself up” to prove he was actually Muslim. Jordie’s remarks were criticized as Islamophobic and racist against the entire Muslim community.

Tate responded to Jordie’s comments by calling him “stupid”, “fat”, “vulgar”, and a “dickhead”. He said Jordie insulted not only him but billions of people who belonged to the same religion. Tate also called him a “piece of shit” who begged to be dominated by females and borrowed their dildos to suck on them.

Geordie’s comments landed him in hot waters with some of his affiliations. The Gymshark suspended Geordie’s membership by saying they did not condone Islamophobia, racism, or discrimination. Online cardroom PokerStars also terminated their contract with Geordie, saying that they wanted to make poker inclusive for all and would not tolerate attitudes that did not align with their values.

True Geordie apologized for his comments in 20-minute long YouTube video, admitting it was a “stupid joke”. He also claimed that he did not actually believe that Muslims blow themselves up but only used a stereotype to get back at someone who disliked him. He explained that the joke was meant to question Andrew’s supposed conversion, which conveniently came at a time when he was facing immense criticism and needed supporters.

Using Misogyny as a Tool

While Geordie may be wrong, Tate has learned how it feels to be on the other end of controversial statements. He himself has caused immense pain to many, especially the domestic abuse shelters. These charities describe him as someone capable of radicalizing men and boys online to commit harm in real life.

The 35-year-old self-proclaimed self-help guru thrives in misogyny online. He offers advice to young men regarding making money and getting girls. His views about women have also led to his ban from social media networks, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and TikTok. Tate talks about women being men’s property who should belong in the house only. Moreover, in one of his videos, he is heard saying that he expects absolute loyalty from his chicks and doesn’t want them talking to other dudes. Then he says his chicks do not go to clubs without him and stay home. Some of his videos and pictures also show him posing with guns while calling himself the “alpha male”.

In 2017, he made the headlines after posting a series of tweets during the time when several women came forward to accuse Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein of rape, harassment, and sexual assault. Tate tweeted stuff like women must take personal responsibility for getting raped and stop pretending that every normal male behaviour was harassment. His account was banned from Twitter after heavy backlash.

Before that, he faced immense criticism from mental health organizations for claiming that depression wasn’t real while appearing on the Big Brother show. He was removed from the Big Brother house after 7 days when a viral video surfaced showing him beating a woman with a belt. Later, a second video came, in which he was telling the woman to count her bruises. However, Both Tate and the women stated that the activity shown in the video was consensual, and no abuse was inflicted.

Despite all this, his following, mainly consisting of boys and men, continued to increase. In 2021 he founded his own online platform called “Hustlers University”, where he sold online courses for beginners on how to make money online. It’s like a pyramid scheme where members are told to recruit others for money.

From Obscurity to International Fame

He was pretty much just another controversial figure before 2022. However, his popularity rose in a matter of months thanks to his fringe videos making their way onto the same social media he was de-platformed from. He became one of the most popular personalities on TikTok, with his videos reaching more than 11.5 billion views. People started to talk about him more, and by July, his Google searches were more than celebrities like Kim Kardashian. Tate’s bogus platform gained more than 120,000 members, mostly from the US and the UK, who pay 50 USD a month for membership and extra for buying online courses.

However, this dramatic surge was not really organic. Research by The Observer newspaper revealed that Tate’s followers (as young as 13) were instructed to flood the internet with his videos. They deliberately shared the most controversial clips to gain maximum engagement. It was a coordinated effort that involved thousands of Hustlers University members and an extensive network of fake accounts on TikTok. The researchers described their daily activity as “manipulating the algorithm” and “artificially boosting” Tate’s content. This strategy successfully increased his following drastically, making him syphon millions of dollars.

Social media is unable to ban these accounts, and Tate’s content is being proliferated among young users without him being active. The actors are reportedly paid a 48% commission for referring Hustlers University to others.

Anti-Muslim Affiliations

Another reason why Tate’s conversion to Islam received criticism was his connection with anti-Islam influencers. Andrew Tate supports many controversial figures, from impeached US President Donald Trump to Brexit figurehead Nigel Farage. One of them is anti-Islam activist Tommy Robinson, aka Stephen Yaxley-Lennon. There are several pictures on Facebook that show their close ties.

Tommy is a convicted criminal with a long-standing record of fraud, violence, harassment, stalking, possession of drugs, and public order offence. He had called Islam a “fascist” and “violent” religion while blaming all Muslims for London Bombings on 7, July 2005. His second self-published book, titled “Mohammed’s Koran: Why Muslims Kill For Islam” deliberately took Quranic verses out of context to paint Islam as a violent religion. Despite that, Tate has described him as a “solid guy” with a “good heart”, and he loved to hang out with him.

Muslims are not only sceptical of his conversion but also fear that his influence can be dangerous for harmony between different religions.

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