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5 Differentiating Features between Android 11 and iOS 14

When it comes to either android or IOS, people have a wide range of opinions based on their preferences. Many present their subjective notions of why android is a great invention, whereas the iPhone or IOS lovers think otherwise. As for them, the iPhone operating system is equipped with the most advanced features and it is a practical explanation of the word perfection. It won’t be wrong to say that there is an ongoing battle between the two operating systems that are influencing users’ minds. For many, the new android 11 is the hallmark of excellence, however numerous find the latest IOS 14 as a better choice. Ergo, the understanding of certain features of these operating systems would be helpful for the individuals to choose between the two. 

Home Screen Appearance Of Android 11 And IOS 14

A smartphone’s home screen is the first thing that intensifies the beauty of its interface besides the advancements and technological usage of the phone. The latest android home screen is attractive due to the addition of a new dock which suggests recent apps that the user wants to use. Aside from this feature, the home screen is pretty much the same as android 10. 

Many iPhone users might agree that the iPhone’s home screen is also the same but with a few upgrades. The format of the phones’ main screen hasn’t changed much. As per some iPhone 12 users, it’s like they are using 1phone 8 in the 12’s body. 

In simple words, the latest IOS is good to use due to some additional features like the widgets but it still looks old fashioned. On the contrary, the new android version is a bit altered as it seems to be the custom for android developers to enhance the interface of the phone. 

Notification Setting And Interface 

Though IOS 14 has good new features, it is quite rigid with consistency in terms of interface. For instance; the quick settings of the iPhone are still the same with the addition of a few toggles. This might be one of the reasons that make the operating system reliable and easy to use for permanent iPhone users. 

Android 11 on the other hand provided a modified interface to the user with several new features. For instance, the addition of a music player in the quick settings gives a modern look. Aside from the additions in the quick setting, Android 11 is good at organizing and showing the notifications as compared to IOS 14. This is because the latest android version shows notifications distinctively.  

Applications Organization

The organization of applications depends on how the user wants to put the apps before him. like many users require an organized phone with each application placed under its specified category. For instance, all a particular folder to keep all the social media apps. Well, IOS 14 introduced the feature of app drawers to keep applications categorically organized. The feature made the iPhone more user-friendly. 

The new Android did not do much to upgrade its app organization feature since it already has the app drawer for many years. Many android users argue that IOS copied this feature from android. 


Customization of a phone is an important thing for a user as many people like to keep changing the themes and the internal appearance of the phone. On the contrary, some don’t like changes at all. They tend to stick with the same colors, backgrounds, themes, and even ringtones. 

If a user is a creative-minded person who wants a customizable device then android 11 is the best operating system for that individual. The reason is that the Android operating system allows the users to customize the device however they intend to. This includes a diversity of themes, backgrounds, ringtones, widgets, and gadgets. 

However, IOS 14 doesn’t comply well with the user’s intended customization. It provides a preset environment with certain limitations, as the users cannot download and apply ringtones other than from iTunes. Hence, IOS 14 is the perfect choice for those who like the things they are and don’t want to change anything. 

Control Buttons 

IOS 14 did not have to add a feature regarding button controls since it already has a toucher. It allows the users to experience more options regarding certain features of the phone. 

Besides, Android 11 introduced a new quick-controls feature that is activated by long-pressing the power button. The quick-controls will show power options as well as several other features that might be useful for the users. 

The preferences lie with the flexibility and attraction of the users towards the operating systems. Android vs apple is the constant war between the IOS and Android lovers. However, the choice is still with the users regarding which OS they find better to use. 

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