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What is Android 13 Chat Streaming for Pixel Phones All about?

Google revealed its plans for 2022 in which there are multiple updates regarding the technological compatibility of software and hardware amenities. The most recent revelation is that android 13 users will be able to stream their chat applications on their computers. Smartphones users might already be familiar with screen mirroring, and Google has amplified the feature a bit. The preview of the 13th android version disclosed the chat boxes appearing on Chromebooks which means not just WhatsApp or other online apps but even phone messages or inboxes will be used on computers. Google is the one taking the initiative in order for Pixel users to utilize the services on a wider level. 

Android 13 and Google’s New Feature Specs 

Google has introduced several products used for streaming, including Chromecast, a smart device to stream the OTT and streaming sites on Tv screens. Those who don’t have smart LEDs with android OS installed can attach a Chromecast device with a screen to connect sites or apps like Netflix, YouTube, and Dailymotion. The devices have made entertainment easier. Now, the pixels and other android 13 phones will be able to put their mobile aside and chat with peers on their laptops, according to 9to5Google. 

9to5Google Explains the Functions of the Features 

According to the expert platform, the chat streaming will also work on the non-Chrome operating systems too, including Windows 11. Also, the feature will accommodate the non-pixel phones as well, which means the feature is not exclusive. 

As far as the pixel devices are concerned, the interface of the phones will not just mirror the whole screen but create an entirely separate display that the users will stream on their computers. This way, the android 13 users will not have to keep phone screens on to chat on computer screens. They can use other applications as well while chatting on the computers.  

Is it Just about Chats?

The tech giant has introduced numerous tech products. For example, Google TV offers streaming and a remote for users’ ease, Smart Switches controlled by smartphones, and other technologically advanced devices. The upcoming android 13 feature is also a rendition of such programs and gadgets. Other than that, it is not just about chatting on computers but also using a camera and audio/video recording. 

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