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Android Vs iPhone- Which Smartphone OS is Better

When it comes to the smartphone¬†OS then users are available with two broad choices- either it is Apple’s iOS or Google’s Android. Therefore, users often search for Android Vs iPhone to know which smartphone operating system is better. As there are only two broad categories hence the search automatically narrows down to Apple and the rest.

If we take into account the flagships of some smartphone giants like Samsung and those of Apple, then there is not a big price difference. So, users are compelled to think if iPhone is overrated and whether Android phones like Samsung Galaxy S9 are worth the high price or not.

Android Vs iPhone

Before moving ahead with details, let’s have a look at the basic difference between Android and iOS. Google’s Android is more about openness and customization while iPhone is more about a tight knit system that works in a specific environment and allows no room for third party apps.

Now, let’s have a look at the general aspects that make it easy for users to understand Android Vs iOS.

  1. Working of Operating System

When it comes to smooth and uninterrupted working then iOS indeed emerges as the winner and Android takes a backseat. The recent controversy about Apple deliberately slowing down its iPhone to save the battery is putting the smooth working of iPhone into question.

2. Customizationt

Customization is something which is almost non-existent in iPhone, but it is something that defines Android. iPhone users find it can’t install the third party apps and only run the apps and soft wares that iOS supports. Contrary to this Android users are available with a diverse choice of apps and third party soft wares.

3. Security

When we look at Android Vs iPhone in term of security, then iPhone indeed takes the lead. Issue with Android is that it supports the third party apps and software hence it is more vulnerable to malware. But Apple’s tightly knit system that allows a room for specific software only is more secure. Therefore, the users who want to keep their smartphones safe from exposure to malware must go for iPhone.

4. Price

iPhone is indeed costlier than any of its Android counterpart. In terms of making a buying decision a user must know if the features of a product justify the high price or not. Android phones are less costly but offer the desired features that users look in a smartphone. Even, top mid range smartphones of 2018 are powered by Android.

Further, many iPhone users also complain that the phone is not worth the price. Well those who feel an association with the brand and think iPhone to have a class, never mind paying the high price.

5. Exclusive Apps

Many users think that iOS users get to enjoy more exclusive app. Well, a look at the start of smartphone history reveals that apps were indeed exclusive for iOS and they came to Android a bit later. But, this doesn’t mean that Android phone doesn’t have apps. Even, many of the to-do list apps for Android coincide with those of Apple.


In the debate of Android Vs iPhone, the winner depends upon the individual need. And, users can decide best about their needs by looking at the above mentioned features. Hence, those who need a secure smartphone and are willing to compromise on flexibility, then iPhone is there way. iPhone users can also enjoy updated features like opening of door locks with NFC in iOS 12.

Users who want customization and features in an affordable price, then they must go for Android.

Users’ choice of Android Vs iPhone also depends upon user’s affiliation with a particular brand. And, it is a fact that both iPhone and Samsung Galaxy (If we choose flagship representation for Google’s Android).

To be on the safe side one must overhaul any smartphone on the basis of how well it satisfies a need.

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