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Where Angelina Jolie Regrets Over Divorce, Brad Feels Good About It!

Most of the times science says that it’s the man who regrets the divorce and separation with his partner as the time passes. But in the case of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pit. It’s the Maleficent actor who seemed unsatisfied with her decision regarding divorce with her ex-husband and father of her children, Brad Pit.

Brad Pit’s Stance Regarding Life With Angelina Jolie

Whereas, according to the news sources Brad has claimed that his life was hell when he was with Angelina Jolie. The sources also say that he is a much better person now as he was before. Brad pit has learned to move out of the divorce trauma and he was shocked to see that Angelina Jolie was not the person he thought she is. Now the main focus of Brad is to pay attention to his children and get the proper access to them. He thinks that his past few years with Angelina Jolie were no less than a stay in hell! But he can not care less about her as she has her children and was a part of his life!

Does Angelina Jolie Think The Same?

After seeing the major changes in Brad’s attitude a close source from Angelia Jolie has revealed that she misses him at every single point of her life. Moreover, Angelina is reconsidering her decision of moving out if Brad Pit’s lives. She is not sure that decision was positive for her family or not! Yes, so we can expect an apology or a request of reconciliation from Angi’s part to Brad?

Angelina And Brad’s Divorce

In September 2016 Brad and Angelina went for the divorce  due to Brad pitt’s drug adiction and Jolie’s anger. Whereas, Brad was allowed to meet his 6 children from court. From then till now Brad has availed all the chances of increasing his life and in a very personal interview he has accepted that he is trying to imporve his lifestyle. Might be the couple will decide to reconcile after sometime or this effort by Angelina Jolie will have no impact over Brad’s part!

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