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Britain Is Rising Against Its Slave’s Master –Ann Widdecombe

The level of disrespect shown by British MPs who are members of the EU parliament and are in favor of Brexit is increasing. Just recently the Brexit party members turned their backs towards the speaker when the national anthem of the EU was being played.  Now British MP Ann Widdecombe has likened the EU parliament a slave master who’s oppressing the UK for too long.

Seriously Ms. Ann Widdecombe?

Just a few days ago the speaker of EU parliament had to ask the MPs to stand up to pay their respect to the EU’s national anthem. When they finally did it with a delay, the British MPS turned their back toward the honorable EU speaker. Similarly, Ann Widdecombe, while giving a speech, said that Britain had enough of the EU and its policies as they were not suitable for the UK. She further opined that the UK had been bearing the burden of the EU countries for too long, and it was high time it separates itself from them immediately.

There are Procedures You Need to Follow

It seems MPs of the Brexit party in a fit of rage to leave EU have forgotten how to conduct themselves and how the EU works. A current or existing member of the parliament can’t just get up and leave. There are rules and procedures one must follow.

People on social media are condemning Ann Widdecombe’s remarks in the European parliament.

The wording with which she addressed the EU is highly disrespectful. She should withdraw her comments and apologize for her rude remarks. Calling the EU members slave master has been perceived quite disgusting.

Not All Think the Same Way

In response to the Brexit party members speech, an anti-Brexit party MP attempted to clear the air by negating what Ann said. In a statement, he stated that people, not all of the British people, think like that. He further elaborated on the fact that the number of people against Brexit was  increasing day by day

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