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Another Attempt Against Brexit

The debate for Brexit legislation has already started in the UK. However, many are skeptical about the motives of the British politicians. The European politicians say attempts by British politicians to divide and blackmail the EU countries is clearly visible in their Brexit Debate. They think that British government under the leadership of Theresa May is not approaching the whole Brexit issue as it is needed.

Tony Blair’s Efforts on Avoiding Brexit

Brexit Debate - Tony BlairTony Blair earlier said that he would persuade the UK to stay in the EU. He called on the remain-supporters to rise to defend the UK staying in the EU. He said that he would better inform the public which has been led astray by the Brexit supporters.

He was of the view that the people who voted for Brexit lacked the knowledge of the actual terms of Brexit. He said that by clarifying the terms of Brexit, the public would be able to make a better decision about whether to stay in the EU or Brexit.

In an interview, Tony Blair said that Brexit could be stopped if people who voted for it realized the costs of leaving EU greatly over weighing the benefits.

Here is how he expressed his fight to keep Britain in the EU.

“Our challenge is to expose relentlessly the actual cost, to show how this decision was based on imperfect knowledge which will now become informed knowledge, to calculate in ‘easy to understand’ ways how proceeding will cause real damage to the country and its citizens, and build support for finding a way out from the present rush over the cliff’s edge.”

Brexit is a big decision for the UK. The Brexit negotiations are going to be tough, and the EU politicians have made it very clear. Theresa May, who took charge from David Cameroon wants to go forward with the Brexit. In the fast changing economic circumstances, with new economic and military alliances rising around the globe, Britain would have to be very careful about Brexit and the negotiations. Britain needs to find a balance of its economic interests as well as the immigration policy which many have criticized in the UK.

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