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Message By Anoushey Ashraf About Eid al Adha Goes Controversial

The Pakistani actress and VJ Anoushey Ashraf expressed her sentiments regarding the animals that Muslims are destined to sacrifice on Eid al Adha. She posted on social media how people need to treat them and take care of them. The celebrity shared her views on how and what needs to be done in order to do the Qurbani in the right manner. Some renowned personalities supported and appreciated her concerns and thoughts. However, a few people didn’t appreciate her views at all and criticized the mindset of people who have similar opinions and those who liked the way she explained her point. For critics treating the animals in the right way doesn’t matter when ultimately they are going to be sacrificed.

Anoushey Ashraf Talks About Treating the Animals Right 

Recently, the actress Anoushey Ashraf posted her picture with a Kid (a baby Goat) and captioned a long message for her fans regarding the sacrifice of the animals on Eid Ul Adha. In her message, she mentioned that respect and care are the two most important things that people need to consider. The text elaborated on the difference between sacrifice and slaughter. Her communication was about the right way of sacrificing an animal which is what the creator of all mankind demands from its men. Anoushey mentioned, to pursue the ceremony, people need to be aware of how it’s done. They are not supposed to hurt the creature by doing it precisely to make it quick and painless. The actress also shed light on some of the things that everyone should avoid while sending the animal’s soul to God. People need to keep the children away from the sharp knives and do not let them do the deed as they might cause pain to the innocent and sacrificial being. The reason is that some individuals find it fascinating and think that God will reward them if the little ones do it. But this is not the case, a professional himself must do it since it is the correct way.

Moreover, the Pakistani VJ said that humanity is very important too, and killing an animal in front of the other animals is not much humane. Thus, on a special occasion, people need to reconsider sacrificing their goat, buffalo, or camel in front of the others. Because it might seem nothing but it sure is a big deal for the destined ones that are on their way to be sacrificed. She also expressed her views against those who make videos. In her opinion, it is not right to do so because the occasion isn’t something to show off.

Eid is About Intentions Rather Than Spending Splendid Amount of Money 

The Pakistani VJ Anoushey Ashraf stated in her Instagram post that, God knows people’s intentions. He accepts the sacrifice of those who are doing it for the right purposes. Therefore, there is no need to spend extraordinarily to buy expensive animals. Every person is supposed to spend according to their affordability. 

Despite the money, she talked about the storage of meat. She favored the idea of dispensing it to those who are in need of food. This seems to be a good practice in order to please the maker. This act is a representation of the actual sacrifice that Muslims are destined to make. Aside from many things to do on Eid ul Adha, spending the right amount of money and sharing meat with needy people are what make a big difference in society. The acts will only enhance the beauty of religion, its protectors, and its representatives.  

Celebrities and Public Appreciating Her Views

Many people commented on the Anoushey Ashraf Instagram post, they appreciated the way she talked about Eid and let people know about the correct ways to make a sacrifice. Other than that, Adnan Malik, the popular Pakistani actor also expressed her appreciation towards the VJ. He thanked her for sharing such an encouraging message that heightened the compassion, integrity, and intentions for the occasion. 

What Is So Controversial about Anoushey’s Take?

Other than the praises, some people criticized her for sharing such a message. They contradicted her views and stated that sacrificing animals is inhumane by all means and people need to refrain from it.

The message was intended to encourage Muslims but instead, it became fuel to fire for those who either do not represent Islam or they are against the cultural and religious traditions. These people who felt offended by Ashraf’s words convey that eating meat is more like a condemnable crime and needs to be banished from society. Not to forget, Pakistan is a state that welcomes people of all casts, colors, and creeds.

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