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Anthony Robbins Net Worth- How Rich is the Famous Entrepreneur?

Anthony Robbins, well-known as Tony Robbins is a powerhouse of motivation, successful entrepreneur and famous for teaching the art of fire walk. Tony owns many traits that make him worth looking to, for taking inspiration. The man is not the only author of best-sellers, a philanthropist but also a life-coach who has trained many notable personalities from politics and showbiz. Given so many achievements, it is quite apparent for people to wonder about Anthony Robbins net worth.

Why Know About Anthony Robbins Net Worth?

Well, knowing about the financial success of Tony might not be as important, as it is his life journey that proves to be the real matter of interest.

Let’s put it more simply. Anthony Robbins net worth will tell you destiny; he has reached. And, even information about that destiny will not be complete as if it excludes the struggle he had made in this entire course.

What should matter the most is how Anthony has managed to reach that destiny. What hardships, he faced, what fears he had to overcome. More importantly, fans should get to know if his current financial status is worth his struggle. In many cases, like that of Demetrious Johnson net worth, we know that ultimate monetary success never reflects what a person has achieved regarding fame, fan following and self-recognition.

So, let’s have a look at what kind of life Tony has lived.

Anthony Robbins Biography

Anthony Robbins was born on February 29, 1960, in North Hollywood California. His parents got divorced at the age of 7, and he had to tolerate an abusive mom. Tony spent his childhood in Azusa and Glendora and studied at Glendora High School. Despite not living in such a pleasant family environment, Robbins got a chance to prove his leadership skills at school. He got selected as president of the student body in his senior years.

It was at the age of 17 when Tony left his house and started the job as a janitor. And, later began working for the promotion of the seminars by author and motivational speaker Jim Rohn.

Who is Wife of Tony Robbins?

Anthony married Becky Robbins in 1984. He had met Becky at a seminar. At the time of marriage, Becky had three children from her previous marriages, and Anthony had adopted them.  The couple got divorced in 1998. Robbins also has a son Jairek Robbins with his girlfriend, Liz Acosta.

In 2001 he married Bonnie Robbins.

Where Does Anthony Robbins Live?

With a fortune of millions of dollars, Anthony Robbins can support quite a luxurious life. Being a millionaire businessman, Tony also has an interest in real estate which manifests in his grand La Quinta in California.

He currently lives in $24 million worth property in Lantana Florida. His residence is a masterpiece of architecture that faces an ocean stretch. The first floor has a grand master suite, and the second floor that features five bedrooms has a club and media room. The backyard of the house is finished with a pool and spa.

Anthony Robbins Net Worth

Anthony Robbins Net Worth

Due to his popularity among politics, sports, and showbiz celebrities, one can predict that Anthony Robbins Net worth must be in millions. And, such prediction is accurate up to certain extent. As, the bestselling author and famous motivational speaker indeed have a net worth of $480 million, according to available online information.

What Contributed to Net Worth of Anthony Robbins?

Let’s have a look at the various factors that have contributed to Anthony Robbins net worth.

Anthony Robbins is an entrepreneur, an owner of the holding company and many private businesses. He started his work as a self-help coach after training himself in Erickson Hypnosis and Neuro-linguistic programming. In 1983 he also learned the art of walking on fire and later began teaching this knowledge to people through his seminars. It is believed that art of fire walk helps in facing the fears.

Anthony later developed NAC (Neuro-associative conditioning) and started teaching it to the public along with other self-help techniques.

His claim to fame is his ability to motivate the people, in his capacity as the life coach. Tony is famous for training the former US President Bill Clinton, tennis star, Serena William, Australian actor Hugh Jackman and the singer Pitbull.

He has also inspired the American businessmen, like Marc Benioff, Peter Guber, and Steve Wynn.

Anthony Robbins Books and Achievements

Robbins first informical titled as “Personal Power” came in 1988. According to estimates, Tony’s first informical had reached an audience of more than 100 million Americans by 1991. In participating in 2007 TED conference as a featured speaker.

Anthony Robbins’ book Money: Master the Game was a New York Times bestseller. His other famous publications are Unlimited Power, Awaken the Giants Within, Unshakable: Your Financial Freedom Playbook and Giant Step Touchstone.

One reason why Robbins is famous self-help coach and motivational speaker is that he believes in preaching what he practices.

Together with many other investors, Tony has also launched a Major League Soccer franchise in Los Angeles, which will reportedly begin its competitions in 2018

Anthony Robbins as a Philanthropist

Famous as a life coach who trained notable celebrities, Anthony Robbins is also a well-known philanthropist. He is the founder of Anthony Robbins Foundation that helps homeless and hungry and disabled people through charity.

Tony is also famous for donating the profit from his book Money: Master the Game, to Feeding America. Apart from the profit he also donated more money to the cause. He also generously gave charity for the projects like Spring health, Underground Railroad, and X-Prize Foundation.

Tony Robbins Recent Controversy

Tony Robbins has recently made headlines for his remarks on popular MeToo movement that also became a theme for Golden Globe Awards and other Hollywood ceremonies. The motivational speaker had remarked that many women were using MeToo for gaining significance. After facing backlash, Robbins took to social media and apologized for his remarks that had proved too offensive for many people.

We can say that generosity is another item that has contributed to Anthony Robbins Net worth.

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