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Anti-Pakistan Slogans During Ind vs NZ Match Spark Outrage

In the recent Ind vs NZ test match at the Green Park Stadium, Indians chanted slogans that reflected their hatred towards Pakistan. They were hooting “Pakistan Murdabad” during the sixth over of the cricket match. The video became viral on social media and turned out to be a disappointing thing for Pakistanis. Many posted and commented about the Indian’s way of bringing in the political tensions between both countries on the sports field. They also expressed anger since they found the chanting absurd and uncalled for.

Ind Vs NZ: Pakistanis’ Reaction on Anti-Pakistan Slogans  

During the first half of India’s batting, the fans were supporting the country by chanting about its winning. However, someone suddenly hooted “Pakistan Murdabad” as a joke. After that, the whole Indian crowd in the stadium revealed how much they are against Pakistan.

The Pakistani cricket lovers were not expecting to see the country’s name being dragged down the drain during Ind vs NZ. The viral video disturbed so many people that they took out their anger through Twitter posts. Most of them were just disappointed by the idea that Indians would do such a thing in the cricket ground which isn’t the place to bring up the political tensions.

The journalist Ahmer Najeeb Raja said that it was just sad to see the crowd chanting such an inappropriate thing during the match. He mentioned that these people shouldn’t even call themselves cricket fans if they can’t respect the game.

T20 World Cup Still Haunts India

According to some Pakistani cricket fans, the unnecessary chanting against the country during Ind vs NZ was an outcome of India’s defeat in the T20 world cup. Apparently, the citizens of Bharat are not coping with the fact the Pak defeated India. As per some people, the crowd was just taking out its disappointment and anger on Pakistan.

On social media platforms, there is a cold war going on between the people of both countries. Some also mentioned the recent obnoxious act committed against the Bollywood actress, Anushka Sharma, and Indian cricketer, Virat Kohli. They talked about how some unethical people threatened Anushka and Virat of raping their 10-month-old daughter due to the cricketer’s poor performance in the T20 against Pakistan.

India Needs to Cool Down

Some people tried to defend the ones who chanted slogans against Pak. They said it was nothing but a prank that the crowd tried to pull during the match. On the contrary, Pakistani people didn’t think it was appropriate for Indians to use personal grudges against Pakistan during an international cricket match. They pointed to the extremists of India to stop the immoral nonsense, grow up and put an end to their immaturity. Also, they should stop letting the world know that Bharat is filled with nonsensical individuals who invest all of their energy on bad-mouthing about Pak.

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