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Is Anu Malik A Pedophile Or Shweta Pandit An Attention Seeker?

As the #metoo movement has gone viral, many have started expressing the depressing experiences of their lives through it. We have already heard about the disaster in the lives of many females, especially celebrities. Recently Anu Malik got declared a pedophile by Shweta Pandit as she supported #metoo movement through her story.

Shweta’s Stance Regarding Anu Malik

Shweta told the world that she was only 15 when she was called by Mustafa who was Anu Malik’s assistant. Then Anu Malik asked her to sing a song which she performed well, after that he said her to get intimate with him. Upon hearing this offer she had the worst feeling in her life, as a kid. She also told that it’s not that Anu Malik was unaware about her background. In fact, he knew that she belongs to a respectable singing background as he knew her family from decades, and she used to call him Anu uncle!

These stories are so much heart shattering that no one can understand how can this happen to a powerful and successful female in the industry where not even a single matter is confidential. People, when responded with their stories regarding me too the most astonishing thing, was that these incidents happened years ago! and no one spoke up because there was no social media I guess back then.

Other Victims

Now people are taking a step towards the change and there are many people who are talking in the favor of Shweta. Especially those who have been through all this by Anu Malik. Sona Mohapatra not only called Anu Malik a molester but also called Kailash Kher and Anu Malik “Serial Predators.”



Sona Mohapatra, another female singer was the first one to use me too in defining the sexual assortment done by Anu Malik. Whereas, he said that he never even met her!


Response By Anu Malik

While in India almost every second artist who is being accused of sexual harassment states that these all are false allegations, Anuji did the same! His lawyer told that he has refused all the allegations claiming them false and self-made stories.

Before Sona and Shewta, Alisha Chinai was also a pop singer filled a molestation suit against Anu Malik in 9o’s. But her allegation was not responded the way it should have been. The singer went on hibernation in her home for years due to trauma. She told media that it is not easy to go against all the norms and bear all this. And only those who have been through it understand the pain!

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