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These Anushka Sharma Memes From Sui Dhaaga Are Too Hilarious

Here comes another series of Anushka Sharma memes, this time from her upcoming film Sui Dhaaga. Ae Dil Hai Mushkil actor is going viral on social media as users are photoshopping her image from her forthcoming movie Sui Dhaaga and making it universal.

Anushka Sharma Memes from Sui Dhaaga

Anushka Sharma memes from her film Sui Dhaaga in which she is playing female lead with Varun Dhawan, are an absolute social media entertainment. In one scene from the movie, the actress is sitting on the ground with her hands on the forehead and expression of disappointment on the face. Anushka’s posture from the scene looks meme-worthy and relatable to the people.

Earlier, it was the viral selfie from Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli honeymoon that Indo-Pak social media brigade photoshopped to create hilarious stuff. And, now it is that one posture from upcoming Sui Dhaaga which is creating funny and relatable stuff.

The Relatable Anushka Sharma Memes

She is everywhere.

And, they fit her in a Game of Thrones scenario as well.

Well, this was a face for disappointment and not for showing interest in a ritual like Qurbani which is an essential celebration of Eid-ul-Adha. But, it seems that social media brigade had decided to show Anushka Sharma on every event, place or festival which was trendy of viral. It might have been just part of promoting the movie.

On Virat Kohli’s Reaction

Now, here is something not only hilarious but also logical. After Anushka Sharma memes are going viral, fans must be interested in knowing Virat Kohli’s reaction. Social Media brigade has used the same poster to explain what Kohli must be thinking and how he must be reacting. So, here is something that makes sense.

And, the creativity of image editors didn’t remain limited to the things, events, and culture specific to sub-continent. They made sure that Anushka’s posture had a universal appeal. Therefore, they made her picture appear on the statue of liberty, Moon and also replaced it with Leonardo Di Vinci’s epic Mona Lisa.

Making It More Relatable

Anusha’s expressions were not only worth photoshopping, but also creating some relatable content. Especially youngsters and students took advantage of those universally appealing emotional postures and utilized to create what may mean to them.

And here came something from Harry and Meghan wedding. But, we are sure that Prince Harry must not have expected any such thing.

Anushka Sharma memes have even surpassed those hilarious Priya Prakash Varier memes that flooded the social media timelines for weeks. But, it has become too much for people to tolerate. Also if it is just a promotional tactic, there might be a need to put a full stop to them.

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