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Apple Launches Cheaper iPad For Students

It appears that apple is revamping its old products and launching for a new niche of school going youngsters. The tech giant is reportedly bringing the cheaper iPad for students and might be looking to compete the Google whose Chromebooks are already helping teachers and kids in class rooms.

What Is Apple’s Cheaper iPad All About?

According to media reports, Apple announced about its cheaper iPad for students in an education focused event that held in Chicago. New iPads are said to be a recycled version of iPad Pro 9.7 with an updated processor. They are also designed to be compatible with Apple’s Stylus Pen to meet the need of students.

Recently reports also surfaced about Apple likely releasing a Macbook Air with lower price tag, for meeting the needs of college students.

Price of Apple’s New iPads

Are students going to have a cheaper iPad? The answer is not really. The product will begin at minimum of $300, which might not be affordable for many schools and students. Further, there are other competing tech devices for classrooms which are available for low prices.

According to tech experts, there are other alternatives like Logitech Crayon that students can avail in low prices.

Here is what analysis of David Pierce of Wall Street Journal has to say.

Features of the iPad

May be Apple’s cheaper iPad becomes a catch if it comes up with some relevant software up gradation that helps students in learning something new with an ease. Reports suggest that company used the slogan of everyone can create to make a differentiation for its cheaper iPad.

Perhaps, it wants to focus on features that help students learn video editing and photo editing.

And Mashable reporters are also hinting towards the Apple’e clips video app which is seeing an upgrade according to the needs of students in class rooms.

Apple’s cheaper iPad, if becomes a catch for student, might become a doorway for company to target a niche in the field of education.

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