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Apple Warns App Developers that Use Data Recording Code

After Facebook’s “research” Apple has revised its privacy policy, telling app developers to immediately remove all apps using codes for collecting user data in an email

Why Is Apple So Concerned About Recording Code

After Apple caught Facebook paying teens for using a data mining app, it has decided to remove all apps that exploit recording code to spy on user data. In a statement released by Apple via email read that apple values its customer privacy. To ensure it, all developers must seek user consent in recording user data and must indicate when they are recording user data. Any company violating this rule will get barred from Apple’s app store.

We have already identified and notified some companies who are in breach of the rule. If required necessary action will be taken a spokesman added.

Earlier TechCrunch reported that a majority of company apps owned by hotels and travel agencies secretly collected user data without their consent. Experts say these apps may end up leaking sensitive information regarding the user like a credit card or passport number even though such information is encrypted.

Recently Germany announced it will limit Facebook and other companies’ ability to collect user data without consent and must properly declare when they are collecting their data.

Marketing Tools Developers Response To The Rule

GlassBox, a company that gives apps the ability to screen record user data reportedly opined that its objective was not to spy on the user. It merely wanted to provide different companies with tools that need to collect specific data and analyze it. 

Glass Box further stated that it takes user data protection very seriously and takes all that necessary steps to ensure it.

Google in a response said it takes user data protection very seriously and has very clearly defined rules that a developer must agree to in order to upload its app. Any app with recording code must take explicit user permission to collect user data or it will be removed from the app store.

People Response

The people have called on the government and lawmakers to introduce strict laws against companies secretly collecting user data. The use of third party tools to collect data for any purpose must not be taken lightly.

Any company using third-party analytical tools should declare it and should mention that the app has a recording code in it. If the company fails to report it, it should be penalized.

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